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Lethal Company Hazard Levels List and What They Mean

The Hazard levels in Lethal Company aren't as impactful as they seem, until you get to A and above.

As you’d expect, the higher Hazard level means more difficult enemies on a moon. We’ll talk about the differences in Hazard levels in Lethal Company in this guide, of which there aren’t many, though they’re very impactful in terms of monster spawns.

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What Do Hazard Levels Mean in Lethal Company? Answered

There are a total of seven different Hazard levels in Lethal Company, with one being Safe and exclusively for the Company planet of Gordion. The Hazard levels that actually matter range from D to S+, with the latter being the highest-difficulty planet. How this system works is very vague, though, and doesn’t seem to mean much outside of the A through S+ range.

Hazard Level D

Oddly, this Hazard level is exclusively seen on the moon Assurance and is the one that serves as a pretty good example of how little Hazard levels actually mean. You won’t run into anything too wild monster-wise on Hazard level D, but it’s still plenty dangerous. Assurance is one of the easier maps overall since it’s not too hard to get to the Main Entrance.

A Hazard level C moon.
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Hazard Level C

Hazard level C is ramped up just a bit from the above, but you honestly probably won’t be able to tell the difference. These two Hazard levels seem to have a lower chance of Turrets than the higher ones, but I can’t say for certain. I will say I’ve seen Circuit Bees on Cs, but not on Ds. Yes, you will still see the Bracken at this level.

Hazard Level B

You would think the “tutorial” moon, Experimentation, would be at one of the lower Hazard levels, but it’s right here at Hazard Level B. March also falls within this category most of the time, despite being one of the easiest moons to traverse. I’ve had Jesters spawn on Hazard level Bs twice. I’ve also been haunted on a B by the Ghost Girl exactly once, though all she did was auditory hallucinations like saying “Hey!” But to be clear, I’ve played a great deal by now, and it’s incredibly unlikely to see either.

Landing on a Hazard level A planet.
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Hazard Level A

This is where things start to get tricky. Rend, one of the premium planets, is exclusively Hazard level A. This is the difficulty where the Ghost Girl starts to become a real problem, and there are regular and persistent creatures outside.

Hazard Level S

This is the difficulty where the Jester regularly starts to come out to play. Hazard Level S is seen by default on the premium moon Dine, and it features persistent threats both indoors and outdoors. Both the Jester and the Ghost Girl will be a problem on Hazard Level S, and there will be even more monsters outside than on A.

Hazard Level S+

There isn’t that big of a difference between S and S+, which is exclusive to Titan by default. I’ve had monsters at spawn on both Dine and Titan, both are crawling with monsters indoors, as well. Hazard Level S+, on Titan in particular, seems to feature more frequent monster spawns than Hazard Level S. That seems to be the only difference.

That’s all the advice I can give on the Lethal Company Hazard levels and what they mean. The reality is that they don’t mean much until A and above, below those difficulties are all about the same challenge. Check out some of our other LC guides here on GameSkinny.

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