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Lethal Company: Ghost Girl in the Red Dress Survival Guide

The Lethal Company ghost girl in the red dress is a persistent threat on Rend, Titan, and Dine.

There are two entities that only spawn on moons with Hazard Levels A and above, those being the Jester and the ghost girl. In this guide, I’ll go over how to survive the ghost girl in the red dress in Lethal Company considering her kill rate on Rend, Titan, and Dine.

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How to Survive the Lethal Company Ghost Girl

I’m just going to tell you right now: the outlook is bleak for surviving this entity. Of all the other threats you’ll run into in a high-Hazard facility, the ghost girl is the one you’re least likely to survive. And there’s good reason for that.

The ghost girl in the red dress in Lethal Company chooses a player, then haunts them until she’s tired of playing around. So first, let’s go into how to tell if you’re being haunted. Then, we’ll go into what to do about it. Spoilers: Not much!

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How to Tell the Ghost Girl in the Red Dress is Haunting You in Lethal Company

The ghost girl is one of the scariest monsters in the entire game. Out of all of them, she’s the only one that’s intangible — she teleports as she pleases, both in the facility, out on the moon, and into the ship.

The Lethal Company ghost girl in the red dress only haunts one player at a time. Once one person will be able to hear any of this, no one else on the crew will be affected. When you’re on high-Hazard moons, listen for:

  • Heavy, mysterious breathing.
  • Ethereal crying.
  • A child giggling.
  • A girl’s voice greeting you.

Auditory hallucinations aren’t the only sign the ghost girl is haunting you. The lights in the facility will also flicker when she spawns, and only the person being haunted can see her. She teleports around as she sees fit and can be seen randomly by the person afflicted by her haunting throughout the facility and even outside of it. Your vision may also be distorted if you’re the one she’s targeting.

How to Survive the Ghost Girl in the Red Dress in Lethal Company

You leave. I wish I could just leave it at that, but there’s more to say about this particularly deadly entity. The ghost girl in the red dress will outright, and completely randomly, kill the crew member she’s haunting. Once you see her skipping toward you, you’re dead. Teleporting won’t save you, and taking off takes too long. You are just dead.

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So what happens after the person she’s haunting dies? She bounces to another crew member and starts the cycle anew. When she kills someone and chooses a new target, their vision will distort for a brief moment. If you know your crew mate died to her and your vision gets all weird, you’re next.

All you can do once she starts haunting someone is to leave the moon. There’s no stopping her killing spree, the afflicted crew member can’t do anything but rush through getting scrap and hope that you all get out of there before they die. If you give her enough time, she’ll kill the entire crew. I’ve even had her short out a monitor on the ship after killing someone, it’s just a bad time.

That’s all the advice I can give on how to survive the Lethal Company ghost girl in the red dress. We’ve got a ton of other useful LC guides on GameSkinny, consider checking them out.

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