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How to Survive Eyeless Dogs in Lethal Company

Eyeless Dogs are the bane of any scavenging crew, but they're not the run-enders they seem to be.

Eyeless Dogs. You hate them, I hate them, and your friends also definitely hate them. These entities show up on enough moons that they deserve to be hated. I’ll give some advice on how to survive Eyeless Dogs in Lethal Company in this guide to hopefully help your excursions.

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Lethal Company Eyeless Dog Survival Guide

The other outdoor entities you can run into are troublesome and deadly in their own right, but Eyeless Dogs are the kings of ruining your day. There are so many threats indoors that newer Lethal Company players often assume outside won’t be so bad. Don’t have any illusions about it: Eyeless Dogs will kill your entire crew in a hot second. They also can’t be killed.

These monsters are lethal, but they’re not the run-enders they might seem. If you handle the situation right, you can get away from Eyeless Dogs with your life and loot intact in Lethal Company.

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What Attracts Eyeless Dogs in Lethal Company?

As the name implies, these beasties are totally blind. To make up for their lack of sight, Eyeless Dogs have impeccable hearing and can hear even your footsteps from far away. Naturally, they hear a lot more than your footsteps. They’re attracted to talking, as well as Walkie-talkies being turned on and off. They can also hear the crunch of dirt after a fall. An extra bit to note is that they go after the last sound they heard. So if one crew member talks, then another, the Eyeless Dog will go after the second one.

One of these monsters will charge toward someone talking on their Walkie-talkie. On the flip side, they aren’t attracted by speech over Walkie-talkies. This means that a person on the ship can still be talked to over comms safely when there’ are’s an Eyeless Dog nearby, but they can’t talk back.

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How to Get Around or Escape Eyeless Dogs

Since they’re only attracted by sound, the easiest way to get around Eyeless Dogs is to crouch as you approach the ship and avoid talking. You can keep your Walkie-talkie on, but don’t speak through it. Crouch, approach slowly, and edge your way around any of the ones you come across.

I’ve had to do this more times than I can count by now. It can be harrowing your first few times, but eventually crouch-walking around these big guys will become second nature. Just be sure not to get too close to them while crouch-walking around them. They do have a sense of smell, and if they sense you’re right in their face, they will still attack.

You can tell one of these is angry when it roars. When you aggro one of these monsters, it will charge at you in a straight line. You can use this to your advantage if you know one is running right at you, as you can run to the side to get out of its path and then crouch-walk your way to safety.

Remember that you can close the ship door if you need to keep monsters out, which is going to come in handy all the time. The buttons to open and close the ship door are right next to it.

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How to Lure an Eyeless Dog Using Sound

You can use their keen sense of hearing to your advantage. There are a lot of situations where you might need to lure them toward or away from the ship manually. Maybe there are a couple hanging around a crew member; maybe too many are hanging out around the ship. Whatever the reason, you do have a few options.

Items like the Boombox and Radar Booster can be used to lure these entities away, with the Radar Booster being the better option of the two. They both cost the same amount of credits, but the Radar Booster can be pinged manually from the ship. That’s far more of a controlled situation than turning on a Boombox and running away, let me tell you.

The Loud Horn ship upgrade can also be useful for luring these entities away from your crew members, though you need to be prepared for the outcome. Blaring the Loud Horn guarantees any Eyeless Dog in the area will swarm the ship, so you must be prepared to shut the door just in time. This way, you can keep the door closed for as long as possible. Stay crouched and stay quiet. Communicating via the / key to type to nearby crew mates to convey what’s going on can be a lifesaver in these situations.

That’s about all the advice I can give on surviving Eyeless Dogs in Lethal Company. These monsters are brutal and hard to deal with, but they’re not unmanageable. It’s not like an Earth Leviathan situation, though Eyeless Dogs certainly kill more players than the sandworms. Check out some of my other LC guides on GameSkinny, because why not? They’re pretty good.

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