Is the Apparatus Safe to Grab in Lethal Company? Answered

The Apparatuses you come across in Lethal Company are dubious, but are they as risky as they seem?

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Nobody wants to suffer from radiation poisoning and die from it. The Apparatus seems like it will do just that, but the risk from it isn’t as it seems. I’ll go over whether the Apparatus in Lethal Company is safe to haul back to the ship, and what you really need to worry about with it.

Should You Grab the Lethal Company Apparatus? The Answer Is…

A resounding yes: you should grab the Apparatus! But let’s talk about when to grab it, and what the actual risk is when taking an Apparatus from its place in a facility.

Is the Apparatus Safe to Hold?

First and foremost, the Apparatus doesn’t cause radiation poisoning in Lethal Company, nor does it kill you. This might change with a future patch, since it really seems like it will eventually be harmful. Why else would it give everyone on your crew a warning when you pick it up? But as it stands, it’s completely safe to carry and keep on the ship.

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As a matter of fact, it’s entirely safe to keep multiple on the ship at once. They don’t interact with one another, and there doesn’t seem to be any actual downside to holding them or keeping them on the ship. Though to note, I’ve only had three Apparatuses on a ship at once. I can’t comment on whether having several actually causes any problems.

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What’s The Risk When Picking Up an Apparatus in Lethal Company?

When you take the Apparatus out of its casing inside a facility, the entire building will lose power. This means it’s best to grab the Apparatus last, hopefully with the guidance of someone on the ship giving directions to an exit.

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Is Grabbing the Apparatus Worth It?

It’s usually totally worth it. The game won’t tell you how much they’re worth when you scan them, but each one is usually worth about 80 credits. That’s a lot of scratch and a sizable portion of any early profit quota.

That’s all the advice I can give on whether the Lethal Company Apparatus is safe or not. In my experience, it’s totally safe, other than the whole power outage thing. Check out some of my other LC guides here on GameSkinny, because they can be some great assets.

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