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Lethal Company: How to Steal a Bee Hive

Bee Hives are worth around 100 credits in Lethal Company, you really might want to steal one or two if you're not alone.

It’s a universal rule to not mess with bees. In real life, you leave them alone because they sting and are integral to the ecosystem. Here, you avoid them because they kill you. In this guide, I’ll go over how to steal a Bee Hive in Lethal Company for sweet, sweet credits.

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How to Steal a Bee Hive in Lethal Company and Live to Tell the Tale

This header might be a lie, because you probably won’t live to tell the tale. At least, the employee you control won’t. You’ll be free to tell your friends how cool you are, though, of course. Stealing a Lethal Company Bee Hive is a treacherous task, entirely because these Circuit Bees are particularly vicious when you’ve got their home in your grubby little hands.

It’s very possible to steal a Bee Hive with a friend. Stealing one on your own safely requires lots of practice and deaths-in-practice, since you have to learn to maneuver around the bees as they’re swarming you. It’s an endeavor best left alone if you’re by yourself, so you don’t risk meeting the profit quota.

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Profit Worth Dying For — Steps to Stealing a Bee Hive

You need two people to steal a Bee Hive in Lethal Company. One person must act as bait for the bees, and the other needs to be the hive-snatcher. Neither person is safe, and it’s very possible one of you will die. I’ve done this with friends a few times now, and despite our best efforts, one of us has always died. It’s worth it, though: Bee Hives sell for around 100 credits.

Circuit Bees will aggro at a certain radius near the hive. Communicate with your crew member and decide who will be the bait and who will be the thief. Don’t worry; either of you can die from all this! But not both of you, hopefully.

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Have the bait player edge near the Bee Hive, aggro them, and run off to gauge how far the Circuit Bees will chase them. It’s not very far, but both members of this effort need to be aware of the distance. After the bait player has done it once and you both are feeling confident enough, it’s time for the real deal. I’ll type this part out step-by-step, just for ease of reading:

  1. Have the bait player walk toward the Bee Hive while the thief stands on the opposite side of it.
  2. Once the bees aggro, the bait player needs to turn and run.
  3. The thief player needs to go in and steal the Bee Hive when the bees are near the limit of their chase radius.
  4. The thief needs to run in the opposite direction as the bait player.

It’s very possible that the Circuit Bees will sting the bait player to death. It’s also possible that if the person stealing the Bee Hive didn’t wait long enough, the bees will turn and chase them instead. If the thief holding the Bee Hive is being engulfed and stung by bees, have them drop the hive. Circuit Bees will kill you when they are swarming you, and it won’t even take long.

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If the thief drops the Bee Hive for survival, you’ll have to do this again. Don’t be too stressed if one of you dies in this effort! Just make sure to collect the dead crew member’s corpse and bring it back to the ship after it’s all said and done.

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Why Not Risk It? The Solo Ship Run Method to Steal Bee Hives

There’s another method to getting Bee Hives in Lethal Company that my crew has been using, but it’s just as risky as the one outline above and still needs to be done at the end of an excursion. There’s no other way, since this one requires that you take off with the Circuit Bees trying to sting you to death.

You can only do this method with a hive near the ship, but you only need one of you to go out and grab the Bee Hive.

  1. Have one of you standing at the monitor and ready to pull the lever to take off, while the other goes out and grabs the hive.
  2. Run to the ship with the Bee Hive in hand and drop it in the ship while the other person pulls the lever to leave.
  3. You can also drop the hive and run to pull the lever yourself, since the bees will then attack whoever is closest.

Either way to steal Lethal Company Bee Hives is risky, but if you need that quick credit injection to your crew, there are worse ways to go about it. That’s all the advice I can give on how to steal Bee Hives in Lethal Company. It’s a dangerous endeavor, but the credits are worth it even if one of you dies. If you found this guide helpful, check out some of our other LC guides here on GameSkinny.

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