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How to Get and Use the Radar Booster in Lethal Company

The Radar Booster in Lethal Company is a little odd, but it does have its uses for particularly sweaty scavengers.

There are a number of tools the company is willing to sell you that don’t have entirely obvious uses when looking at their descriptions in the Terminal. In this guide, I’ll go over how to get and use the Radar Booster in Lethal Company.

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How to Get and Use the Lethal Company Radar Booster, Plus Tips for Use

How to Buy a Radar Booster

Like every other useful item in the game, you buy the Radar Booster on the store at the Terminal at the back of the ship. It only costs 50 credits, which is slightly cheaper than the Boombox, but you’ll probably want to wait to try this tool out.

How to Use the Radar Booster Effectively

This tool has two distinct functions:

  • It is a trackable entity via the monitor in the ship, just like a player.
  • It can say “Hello!” when pinged.

If you’re a bit new to the game, these might not sound all that great. Heck, it’s not great in most cases. But it does have its uses, both inside buildings and out on moon terrain.

Each Radar Booster has a name. When you turn it on and flip through the cameras using the white button on the left of the monitor, you’ll see its name. It’s probably something innocuous like “Betty,” “George,” or “Louie,” hopefully something short and easy to remember. You’ll need to remember its name to ping it. Here are some quick links to jump down to further sections in the guide:

Looking at the Radar Booster on the monitor.
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How to Ping the Radar Booster in Lethal Company

This part’s easy. Turn on the Radar Booster and drop it. Open the Terminal and type:

  • ping [Radar Booster name]

Hit Enter, and it will immediately ping. Test it on the ship before placing it anywhere, just to make sure you’ve got the process right and that you remember its name. Though, it’s hard to forget if you’re staring at it on the monitor and it’s right there on top of your view.

A Radar Booster in the facility entrance.
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Tips for How to Use the Radar Booster Indoors

You know how I said above that it functions as a “trackable entity?” It does have a name, after all! When it’s on, you’ll be able to look at it on the monitor just like another player. This is useful both indoors and outdoors, but its specific uses in either situation are a little different.

When you place a Radar Booster indoors, it will function as a perpetual view of that portion of the facility. It does that outside, too, for the outdoors, but this portion of it is more useful inside a building than otherwise.

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I recommend placing it near the main entrance or fire exit inside the building your crew is scavenging to get a clear view of the door even when your crew mates are wandering the halls otherwise. It has a double-use, though: saying “Hello!” to lead your crew back to the entrance if they’re lost.

Tips for How to Use the Lethal Company Radar Booster Outdoors

Frankly, the Radar Booster is more useful if you have a sweaty crew who really wants to pull through late-night scavenges. This is because the ping lures Eyeless Dogs, which can be useful during eclipses, or on Rend, Dine, or Titan.

An Eyeless Dog charging past a Radar Booster during an eclipse.
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The Radar Booster can give you visibility of an outdoor area to see whether there are monsters about, and you can use the ping function to lure the aforementioned ones in its direction. Eyeless Dogs, charge at it like they charged your reckless crew mate two expeditions ago. If you ping it and let the beast(s) repeatedly charge at it while your friends make it back to the ship, you can let it sit a short time and sneak back out there to get it if you’re feeling brave. This can be useful for the premium moons like Titan, where dogs can camp the stairs.

That’s about all the advice I can give on how to use the Radar Booster in Lethal Company. Like so many of the game’s tools, its uses aren’t entirely obvious. It suits certain playstyles, though, and for more hardcore players it can be a lifesaver in bad weather or late at night. If you found this guide helpful, check out some of our other LC guides here on GameSkinny.

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