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All Monsters in Lethal Company: Complete Bestiary

Almost every monster in Lethal Company is out to kill you, but you can be out to kill them too.

Tired of getting mauled to death a couple minutes inside a facility? Want to take revenge? In this entirely-too-long guide, we’re going to be taking a look at all monsters in Lethal Company, how to survive them, and how to kill the ones you can.

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Lethal Company Bestiary: All Monsters and Whether You Can Kill Them

There are 19 monsters in Lethal Company, and all but a handful of them are out to kill you. In any case, you’ll need to know how to survive these creatures to make sure you’re a great asset for the company. And so you don’t embarrass yourself dying in dumb ways, though we all do it from time to time.

I’m splitting this guide between indoor and outdoor monsters, with the indoor ones first because they’re the most abundant. There are so many of them and they can all get you in different ways. Your best tool against monsters is knowledge, with the second best tool usually being a flashlight. For ease of access, here are links to jump down to each of the Lethal Company monsters I go over in this guide. I touch on how to survive each entity, and whether you can kill them.

All Lethal Company Monsters You’ll Find Inside Facilities

A Hoarding Bug trying to steal the player's scrap in Lethal Company.
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Hoarding Bug

The Hoarding Bug is a dumb little idiot who does dumb little idiot things, like stealing scrap and dropping it into a valuable pile. Or skittering by you and your crew, giving you a view of its big-eyed, open-mawed face while it passes you by. Or getting angry you have a piece of scrap it wants in your hands, and taking flight to get it back. Note that this monster can push other monsters while it’s skittering around, I’ve had one push around a Coil-head towards me in a thin walkway before.

When the Hoarding Bug is on the ground, it’s harmless. It’s when it takes flight that it becomes a real problem, but it won’t start flying for no reason. This monster only gets aggressive when you:

  • Take scrap from its hoard.
  • When you get too close to its hoard.
  • If you decide to get too close while it’s got its little arms up in defense.
  • If you happen to pick up a piece of scrap it wants.

Can You Kill the Hoarding Bug?

A few good whacks with a shovel or sign will kill a Hoarding Bug. They don’t do much damage when they attack, and standing on railings to beat one up won’t spare you from a little damage. Usually it’s best to just leave these ones alone.

A slime approaching the player in Lethal Company.
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Not every video game needs a slime, but this one apparently did. The Hygrodere is a blob that just meanders across the floor in a never-ending search for food (you). This is the only monster you can lock behind normal doors, which you are probably going to want to do.

The Hygrodere is attracted not just to sight and sound, but simply presence. But this attraction can be completely overwritten by this monster’s need to groove. You can place a Boombox in a far room in a facility to lure the slime and keep it there, at least until the Boombox’s battery runs out.

Can You Kill the Hygrodere?

This is one of many monsters you can’t kill in Lethal Company. Your best line of defense against this entity is the Boombox. You can jump over and around this monster, but be careful not to step inside it. Stepping into the middle of the Hygrodere can kill you in a second, but you can step into the edges to jump over one sort-of safely.

A Snare Flea hanging from the ceiling in Lethal Company.
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Snare Flea

It’s very fitting that the game have a monster that drops from ceilings to wrap itself around your head to suffocate you to death. Despite its small size and honestly cute appearance, the Snare Flea kills more company employees early in the game than any other. It’s also the biggest deterrent from playing Lethal Company solo, because there is no defense from being grabbed by a Snare Flea other than to keep an eye on the ceiling as you walk through a facility.

Once a Snare Flea kills someone, it will either try to jump on a nearby crewmate’s head or perch up on the ceiling again. If one falls from the ceiling without landing on someone’s head, it’ll try to crawl away to find another place to hide.

Can You Kill the Snare Flea?

Heck yeah, you can. You can even whack one when it lands on a crewmate’s head to knock it off. It only takes a few hits to kill a Snare Flea, and they don’t retaliate when you take to bonking one.

Additionally, you can kill one by being teleported back to the ship while under attack from one of these. You can also kill one by leaving the facility while it’s on your head, though this is much trickier. And lastly, if you’re grabbed by a Snare Flea but had a shovel or sign on-hand before it got you, if you can grab the weapon again while suffocating, you can hit it off of your own head.

A Spore Lizard releasing its spores in Lethal Company.
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Spore Lizard

These guys are just the cutest! They squeak, open their big toothy maw, and shake their tail to ward you off. It’s honestly adorable, and I’ve got no idea whether you can kill them because Spore Lizards tend to do their display, then scurry off to avoid you.

Under most circumstances, you can just avoid Spore Lizards. If you get and hover too close to one, it’ll release a cloud of gas to obstruct your vision. I’ve never actively had one get aggressive, though. They just want to be left alone.

Can You Kill the Spore Lizard?

There’s usually not much reason to get aggressive with these monsters since they pretty much just try to stay away from you. If you’re intent on killing a Spore Lizard, bring a Stun Grenade or Zap Gun to keep it from releasing its spores while you hit it.

A Bunker Spider looking at the player in Lethal Company.
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Bunker Spider

Nobody likes giant, murderous spiders standing in the way of precious scrap. Bunker Spiders are right in the middle of the Monster Danger Zone in Lethal Company. They’re not as deadly as Coil-heads or the Bracken, nor as easy to deal with as the Hoarding Bug or Spore Lizard. They’re pretty much in the same bracket as Thumpers, which is to say: they’re still deadly, but it’s manageable.

Bunker Spiders create a nest, and it makes webs in the hallways around it. Touching the webs alerts the monster to your location, causing it to run towards that spot. Luckily, webs can be hit with weapons to make them disperse, though that will still call their respective Bunker Spider towards you. Note that this monster isn’t attracted by sound.

Can You Kill the Bunker Spider?

Yes, yes you can. It only takes two bites from this monster to kill you, and five hits for you to kill it. Since rail-hopping is no longer an option for dealing with the many creatures you come across in Lethal Company, you’ll have to be especially spry to deal with the ones you can kill. Bunker Spiders are slower than Thumpers, enough so that you can hold Shift to run backwards while hitting one in the face while it’s trying to bite you. This maneuvering takes some practice, but this is one of the rare aggressive monsters you don’t need anything other than a Shovel to deal with.

A Thumper chasing an employee in Lethal Company.
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The Thumper is even scarier than the Bunker Spider once it’s after you, because of the sheer speed it runs with, but this monster isn’t a death sentence. Thumpers can’t turn mid-charge, meaning you can make good use of stairs and just turning from one room to the next to get away from these entities.

You can hear a Thumper walking around from a mile way. Luckily, because the rely entirely on sight, you might be able to avoid them if they never see you at all. Unluckily, they wander around rather quickly and will probably find you in any case. If a Thumper does spot you, you’ll need to make it take turns to keep it from reaching breakneck running speeds.

Can You Kill the Thumper?

Oh yeah, you can beat these jerks to death. And you should, if you can. Thumpers don’t just slow down when they turn, they also slow down when they get it. It takes three bites from one of these creatures to down an employee, and four hits from you to down one of them. You can actually hit a Thumper to make it slow to a crawl, and then circle around it, giving it a few more good hits to eventually kill it.

The Flowerman hiding behind a corner in Lethal Company.
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This monster is a community fan favorite. It creates some really memorable and spooky experiences, and is a friend-snatching jerk. The Bracken (also known as the Flower Man) is one of the trickiest monsters to maneuver around in Lethal Company because he’s just a little shy boy with a murderous streak. You know how it is, this little idiot peeking around corners and waiting for one of you to be too focused on something else to notice him approaching.

But of course, he might not be the little idiot. He might just get you when you least expect it. To deal with the Bracken, you need to peek at it briefly, then look away. Staring at it will make it run straight for you, but a little peek won’t hurt. You’ll want to look around frequently while looking for scrap to keep the Flower Man from sneaking up behind you.

You can tell a Flower Man is in a facility if you find the room that reminds you of the Backrooms, or if you hear spooky ambient music while in the facility.

Can You Kill the Bracken?

Yes, you can kill the Bracken! You need two people: one with a Zap Gun, and the other with a shovel or sign to hit it. Keep the Bracken stunned with the Zap Gun while the other person hits it with the shovel to get rid of this menace. It takes five hits to kill one. Stun Grenades do not work on the Flowerman, so don’t waste them on him.

A Coil-head ready to strike in Lethal Company.
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These monsters are just eerie. The Coil-head stands as one of the most intimidating monsters you can find inside a facility, as there is no stopping it from killing you other than it being in sight. The Coil-head will only move when no one can see it, at least that’s how it’s intended to act.

The only defense against the Coil-head is to make sure to to look around often, whether by yourself or in a group. It’s similar to the Bracken in that regard, except even a brief moment of not realizing a Coil-head is charging toward you can mean death. You and your crew will need to do some careful maneuvering and trading off on staring at this entity to get past it. As a note, you can walk by and even touch a Coil-head safely, as long as someone’s looking at it.

Can You Kill a Coil-head?

No, you can’t kill a Coil-head in Lethal Company. These monsters are impervious to all damage, and stunning it doesn’t do much, either. All you can do is keep your eye on it and try to edge your way out of the facility safely, to perhaps enter through a different door. It’s also possible to trap these behind security doors, but that’s more than a little tricky. Stun Grenades do work on these monsters, but you won’t be able to kill them while stunned. You can use them to escape, though.

The Jester with its head out in Lethal Company.
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This and the next monster are on entirely different levels from the previous ones, though the Coil-head isn’t too far off. You’ll first come across a Jester while it has the top back on the box, the contents hidden. It might follow you around a little bit, but it won’t take long for the Jester to start winding itself up. That’s when things get real dicey with this monster.

Once the Jester is done winding itself up, which takes less than a minute, its head pops out of the box to look for its next meal: you and your crew! There is no stopping the Jester once it starts its tirade, it will run from one crew member to the next until each of you are dead. And it does it far faster than it has any right to. The only thing you can do about this monster is leave the facility, but unlike the next entity, it will reset after the facility has been empty for a little while.

Can You Kill the Jester?

Nope! You can’t kill the Jester in Lethal Company. But, that said, you can stun it using the Zap Gun. I haven’t confirmed whether you can stun it while it’s in its enraged state, but its windup can be stalled down by repeatedly stunning it using the Zap Gun.

The Ghost Girl in the Red Dress about to kill a player in Lethal Company.
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Ghost Girl in the Red Dress

The final indoor entity is the scariest. If you thought the Jester was terrifying, the Ghost Girl in the Red Dress will be horrifying. She doesn’t work by the same rules as the other creatures, in that she can kill players who have left the facility. She also doesn’t just stop at one. Once the Ghost Girl takes one player, she’s coming for another one, and she’ll do it until you’re all dead.

The Ghost Girl in the Red Dress haunts a single player, during which they can hear heavy breathing, giggling, or the girl greeting them. They can also see her, sometimes far away, sometimes a few feet away. She stands out like a sore thumb, the game’s harbinger of death. The worst part of all of this is only one crew member can hear or see her at a time. If you’re the one being haunted, be sure to tell your crewmates. She’ll be coming for you soon enough.

Can You Kill the Ghost Girl in the Red Dress?

No, you can’t. This entity really does function as the harbinger of death, as each and every one of you will die if you stick around. Each player has two to three minutes of survival, once they’re haunted by the Ghost Girl. All you can do about this monster is leave the moon, which you should probably do.

The Masked chasing a player in Lethal Company.
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The Masked

The Masked are the new Boogeymen to Lethal Company players, and for good reason. These entities don’t just spawn in like regular monsters, they’ll also take the form of Comedy Masks and Tragedy Masks and can possess crewmates. These are also the only enemies that can leave the facility in pursuit. Masked don’t just walk towards their target, they will also sprint towards their target employee from afar. I’ve been jumpscared by this more than once, and you probably have, too.

If an employee has been possessed, they’ll act just like the regular The Masked monster. The only difference is that they’ll still show up on the radar as the player they possessed, which poses a serious risk to the crew if the person at the monitor doesn’t know they’ve been possessed. Be sure to communicate with your crew if you see The Masked roaming around, or if a crewmate has been possessed. You’ll have the misfortune of running into this monster on most moons.

Can You Kill The Masked?

Both the individual monster variety and employee bodies that have been possessed can be killed by normal means. When The Masked is near you and not running, it’ll hold its arms in front of it and walk slowly towards you like a zombie. It’s easy enough for one employee to kill one in this state. Beware, though! These monsters can come back to life after a few minutes.

A Nutcracker about to shoot in Lethal Company
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Why can a monster wield a gun, but we can’t? We can, actually. Just it has to be taken from a Nutcracker. These are patrolling, territorial monsters that can roam most Hazard levels. Though, I’ll say I’ve seen them less than The Masked. The Nutcracker carries with it a Shotgun that can blast you and your crew away in a single shot, but it can also be stolen from it while alive or dead.

During the Nutcracker’s patrols, it will occasionally stop and lift the toy head from its body to reveal a large eye underneath. The eye is what causes the monster to aggro to you. The eye is scanning for movement. If you notice the Nutcracker before it sees you, you can stand perfectly still and wait for it to look around with its eye. Once it puts its head back on and keeps walking, you can make some space between you and it. Note that if you’re too close, it’s blinded by the Homemade Flashbang, or you steal its gun from it while it’s alive, it can one-shot kick you to death in close quarters.

Can You Kill the Nutcracker?

Heck yeah, you can. It’s best to be done by using pillars, shelves, and doorways to trigger the Nutcracker into shooting its gun. You can get a hit in while its reloading, provided you’re close enough, and do this a few times to kill it. Stun Grenades and the Zap Gun can be a huge help in taking one of these down. Once it’s dead, you can pick up its Shotgun and a couple shells off the floor by its corpse.

All Lethal Company Monsters You’ll Find Outside Facilities


This creature is entirely harmless, it doesn’t even make a noise that might tell Eyeless Dogs where you are. There’s not really any reason to interact with them, these are just generic birds.

Can You Kill the Manticoil?

You can indeed kill Manticoils, but there’s not much reason to. If one doesn’t take flight, you can hit it with your shovel.

Roaming Locusts

These creatures also don’t really do anything, but they do make a distinct sound when you collide with them that can draw Eyeless Dogs to your location. In any case, these are best ignored.

Can You Kill Roaming Locusts?

You can’t kill these monsters, since they disperse as soon as you come into contact with them.

A swarm of Lethal Company Circuit Bees.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Circuit Bees

The “BEEEEEES” of Lethal Company, Circuit Bees don’t do anything unless you get near their hive. Once you do, they go nuts and sting you until you either get away from it, or until you die. If you are trying to steal a Bee Hive, you’ll need to either get a friend to help bait the Circuit Bees, or grab them on the way.

Can You Kill Circuit Bees?

You can’t, sorry to say. Circuit Bees aren’t that different from real bees, the swarm is not to be underestimated.

An Earth Leviathan jumping from the earth in Lethal Company.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Earth Leviathan

I hope you wanted some Dune-style sandworms in your Lethal Company experience, because that’s exactly what the Earth Leviathan is. The only way to get around these monsters is to keep your ears open while outside, and to run when you hear rumbling. You can run forward, backward, and left to right at the same speeds, any direction is a good direction provided you don’t hear the rumbling anymore.

If you have a large, heavy item in your hand when you hear the rumbling, drop it on the ground and run. You can pick up what you dropped after the Earth Leviathan passes, you can’t even have your body recovered by a Teleporter if it swallows you up. I swear these follow players at times on Titan, Rend, and Dine. Beware.

Can You Kill the Earth Leviathan?

Nope, just get away from it. The Earth Leviathan lives up to its name and is far more massive than you’d be able to even scratch.

An Eyeless Dog prowling in Lethal Company.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Eyeless Dog

These are the outdoor monster everyone dreads, because they are the most common aggressive monster you’ll encounter outside. Like their name suggests, Eyeless Dogs can’t see you. They sure as heck can hear you, though. They hear your footsteps, the crunching of dirt after a fall, and your voice.

These monsters are a good reason not to sprint while hauling loot back, unless you’re trying to get away from an Earth Leviathan. I’ve got a longer guide on Eyeless Dogs specifically, but the gist is that you just don’t want to make noise around these monsters. Crouch-walk whenever you hear or see one of these monsters, and stay out of their way.

Can You Kill the Eyeless Dog?

Yes, yes you can kill Eyeless Dogs! You need to have a Zap Gun or a Stun Grenade, and a Shovel or other weapon to do it. Have one crew member stun the monster using the Zap Gun, while the other beats it to death.

A Forest Keeper about to eat the player in Lethal Company.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Forest Keeper

You run into these giants on early moons, just like Eyeless Dogs. Unlike Eyeless Dogs, Forest Keepers are attracted to sight over sound. They don’t seem to react to sound at all, but they have a large sight radius and long sight distance to make up for their poor hearing.

There’s not much to do about these monsters once they spot you, but to try to break line of sight. You can use trees or rocks to hide, but it’s not a surefire solution to their aggression. Another thing that separates them from their hearing-oriented opposites, is that Forest Keepers can’t enter the ship. You can have a couple wandering around it and even having their arms clip through the ship walls, but they can’t grab you while you’re in it.

That said, once a Forest Keeper eats you, your body can’t be recovered. Someone can teleport you out of its clutches before it chews you up, though, if they’re fast enough. These monsters can also be stunned using the Stun Grenade and Zap Gun, and they can be distracted by Laser Pointers. Probably the new flash command for the Radar Booster can distract them as well.

Can You Kill the Forest Keeper?

These monsters are invincible. For now.

A Baboon Hawk harassing an employee in Lethal Company.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Baboon Hawk

The community doesn’t know entirely what to make of these monsters yet because their behavior is a little odd. It seems that they randomly decide to attack people if they have loot in their hands, probably to steal away much like the the Hoarding Bug does indoors. Baboon Hawks travel in larger groups as the day dwindles, though. You may only see one in an area at the start of the day, and three or four after 6 p.m. if you’re particularly unlucky.

Baboon Hawks will attack you from behind, so make sure to keep an eye out as you’re carrying scrap back to the ship. If you’re being accosted by one, try to drop the loot you have on hand and run. Unless you have a weapon and are at full health, then…

Can You Kill the Baboon Hawk?

You don’t even need a Zap Gun to kill a Baboon Hawk, you just need to take your shovel or sign out and beat it to death. Just do it if you have one causing you trouble.

And that’s all monsters in Lethal Company, from less-terrible to terribly-terrible. You can kill a lot of the entities you come across, but you won’t be so lucky with some of them. If you found this guide helpful, check out some of our other LC guides here on GameSkinny. The best mods that aren’t too cheat-y, the all scrap values list, and all items list with how to use them are pretty useful,

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