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Lethal Company: How to Survive the Coil-head

The Coil-head is the third most dangerous indoor monster in Lethal Company. Here's how to survive an encounter with it.

Some of the creatures you’ll come across in the Company’s facilities are more dangerous than others, but not many can make your hair stand on end like the Coil-head. I’ll go over how to survive the Coil-head in Lethal Company through this guide, which is no small task.

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Lethal Company Coil-head Survival Guide: Can You Kill Them? And Escape Strategies

Just to get it out of the way: it’s not possible to kill a Coil-head. This is the third most dangerous monster inside facilities, right after the Ghost Girl and the Jester. While the Ghost Girl and Jester are almost guaranteed death, it’s at least possible to escape a Coil-head with your life intact.

It’s worth noting that you can scoot by these creatures while you’re looking at them, and they won’t attack you. Coil-heads only attack when they’re out of sight, it’s just a little unsettling to stare at one as you’re walking right by it.

How Does the Coil-head Work?

Have you seen the Weeping Angels in Doctor Who? These monsters work just like that. They won’t move when you’re looking at them, but they go into a flurry of movement once they’re out of everyone’s line of sight. For someone in the facility on their own, this can mean a death sentence. If you’re in a crew, it’s a little more manageable.

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When a Coil-head doesn’t know an employee is in the area, they’ll wander around aimlessly. They’ll also do the same when they’ve lost track of their current target, as I’ve seen via the radar, but they’ll just stand in place if they see someone has left the building.

Coil-head following a crewmate.
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How to Survive Coil-heads in Lethal Company

So, you know they won’t move as long as you’re looking at them, right? Right. You’ve got to use that to your advantage to get away and out the door. Once one sees you leaving through the door, it’ll camp that spot for an indeterminate amount of time.

When you come across a Coil-head, you and your crew must take turns staring at it and backing away toward an exit. This is really tricky because they kickstart into action the moment they’re out of your sight. Turning back around to see it halt and its spring-bound head bouncing from the force it stopped moving is terrifying — and a totally unavoidable sight once you’re having to wrangle with one of these creatures.

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When one is a couple of meters away, and you’re right at the door, try to glance to and away from the Coil-head to get it into a position where you can almost see it while opening the door. But plenty of daring escapes have been made by glancing at one while it’s just a couple meters away and just opening the door to get out. It works more often than you might think!

An alternative strategy, if your crew comes across one of these very early in an expedition, is to just have one person stand there and stare at it while the rest of your crew gathers scrap. It’s not fun for the person on guard duty, but it’ll at least allow you to get scrap to put towards the profit quota.

Can You Kill the Coil-head?

To reiterate, you can’t kill one of these monsters. That said, you can try to stun it using a Zap Gun. You have to be looking at it while zapping it, though, so you’re actually just stunning it with your line of sight.

As a final thing of note, you can teleport back the corpse of a crewmate who’s been slain by a Coil-head, though they won’t look quite right once you do. Still, it’s more important you don’t incur a fee. And with that, that’s all the advice I can give on how to survive the Coil-head in Lethal Company. Check out some of our other LC guides here on GameSkinny.

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