How to Disable Turrets and Landmines in Lethal Company

You can disable Turrets in Lethal Company, one method temporary and the other permanent.

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There are enough enemies within the bowels of these facilities you’re having to trawl through for scrap, so do you really have to deal with Turrets? Yes. Yes, you do. In this guide, we’ll go over how to turn off Turrets and Landmines in Lethal Company, at least temporarily.

How to Turn Off Turrets and Landmines in Lethal Company

The Terminal and Monitor on the ship have some dynamic uses when someone on your crew knows what they’re doing and is willing to do more than the bare minimum surveillance. Not only can you unlock security doors using the Terminal on the ship, but you can also disable Turrets and even Landmines. You need at least two people to do it, and it’s very worth it if your crew happens to be accident-prone.

How to Disable Turrets and Landmines Using the Terminal

The reason this can’t be done by one person, unlike security doors, is that Turrets can only be disabled for only about two seconds. Security doors will open forever, but the more dangerous obstacles are only turned off temporarily. This makes things a little trickier, for obvious reasons. When they have been disabled, their icon turns red on the monitor.

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Just like with the doors, you only need to type the letter-number combination of the trap you’re trying to disable into the Terminal. So if the Turret code is d0, you type in d0 into the Terminal and hit Enter. The Turret or Landmine will be disabled for a couple of seconds.

It’s easy enough to get around both of these obstacles fairly easily most of the time, though I’ve certainly run into some Turrets that are just in too bad of a spot to want to run around. This is a way around that, but to pull it off properly, you and your crew will need to be using Walkie-talkies to make the disabling magic happen within a useful timeframe.

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How to Disable Turrets Otherwise: Turn Off Facility Power

There are two ways to turn off the power inside a facility, if you’re fine with running around in the dark just to avoid Turrets. You can either find the circuit breaker somewhere inside the building, or you can take the Apparatus out. In either case, every Turret in the building will be disabled if they no longer have power.

And that’s it for how to disable Turrets and Landmines in Lethal Company. If you’re on the newer end of scavenging for scrap for the Company, check out some of our other LC guides.

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