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How to Get and Use the Signal Translator in Lethal Company

Find out how to effectively use the new Signal Translator ship upgrade in Lethal Company.

There were a lot of changes with the v45 patch, including one ship upgrade you and your crews will definitely want to play with. Here’s what the Signal Translator does in Lethal Company, and why you’ll want to use it.

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Is the Lethal Company Signal Translator Worth It? How to Use It, and How Much It Costs

We’re up to four ship upgrades in Lethal Company now, the latest being the cryptic Signal Translator. This particular upgrade’s uses aren’t entirely obvious, but a clever crew will be able to make good use of it.

How to Get the Signal Translator

This one can be bought just the same as the game’s other ship upgrades. You can find it in the store under the ship upgrades category, and it costs 255 credits. It’s considerably more worth it than the Loud Horn, and more useful than the Inverse Teleporter for most crews. You can move the Signal Translator to a different location on the ship just like any other upgrade or piece of furniture.

How to Use the Signal Translator Effectively in Lethal Company

You’re able to transmit messages to every member of your crew using the Signal Translator, which is useful in a ton of situations. If one or more of your crew doesn’t have a Walkie-talkie, or if Eyeless Dogs or Forest Keepers are wandering around the ship, this can be used to convey important information.

Each letter in a transmission takes almost half a second to come up on screen, so it’s best to keep your messages short and sweet. Using words like “dog,” “giant,” or “mask” will reduce the amount of time it takes for your crew to understand what you’re trying to convey. If you’re a more tightly run ship, instead using single or two-digit number codes that you all agree upon and communicate about would be more efficient.

A signal about Forest Keepers in Lethal Company.
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As a final note, Eyeless Dogs can’t hear the transmission noise, regardless of whether there are players around. This makes the Signal Translator great for letting other players know whether there are dogs around the ship, without having to risk your life to tell them. The ones returning to the ship won’t have to worry about being attacked for receiving messages, either.

How to Send a Transmission

To send a transmission using the Signal Translator, open the Terminal and type the word “transmit” along with the message you want to send. You can see an example of how to input this text just below. I learned the hard way about the transmission character limit. You can only transmit up to nine characters per message.

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That’s all the advice I can give on how to get and use the Signal Translator effectively in Lethal Company. This is one big quality of life ship upgrade that most crews should want, and crews several profit cycles into a run should find almost mandatory. Check out some of our other LC guides here on GameSkinny, such as how to survive Masked and how the Mimic mod works.

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