Lethal Company: How to Move Furniture, and All Ship Decor List

Even if you and your crew mates won't be living long, you'll still probably want to decorate your ship in Lethal Company.

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Furniture? On my ship? It’s more likely than you think! Seriously, it’s more likely than you think. You can order furniture using the Terminal to spruce up your ship. In this guide, I’ll go over how to move furniture in Lethal Company and list all furniture.

How to Move Furniture and Other Stuff in Lethal Company to Make Your Ship Feel Like Home

To be clear, Lethal Company calls furniture “ship decor.” I’ll be calling it furniture for the most part through this guide because that seems more accurate. First, I’ll go over how to move it, and then I’ll list the pieces out as best I can since this stuff isn’t cheap and only changes with each profit cycle. You can use this link to jump down to the ship decor list.

How to Move Stuff in Lethal Company

If you’re using a keyboard and mouse to play the game, look at furniture on the ship and hit the B key to pick them up and move things.

You can also move stuff in Lethal Company using a controller, but for now, you’ll still have to use the R key to rotate furniture.

  • On an Xbox controller, you can use the X button to pick up furniture. X again to place, B to send to storage.
  • On a PlayStation controller, you can use the Triangle button to pick up furniture. Triangle again to place, Circle to send to storage.
  • On a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, you can use the Y button to pick up furniture. Y again to place, B to send to storage.

And how do you rotate furniture? You can rotate stuff by pressing the R key while holding it to move it, whether using KBM or a controller.

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How to Get Items Out of Storage

The game actually tells you this, but the way is as follows:

  • Go to the Terminal.
  • Type “storage” and hit Enter.
  • Type the name of the item you want to withdraw and hit Enter, then it’ll spawn on the ship.
Table and Jack-o-Lantern
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Lethal Company Complete Ship Decor List

This portion of the guide is under construction since it requires multiple cycles. If I’m being honest, I often forget to check the store each cycle, and actually buying this stuff is expensive.

  • Table: 70 credits
  • Romantic Table: 120 credits
  • Shower: 180 credits
  • Jack-o-Lantern: 50 credits
  • Record Player: 170 credits
  • Television: 130 credits
  • Cozy Lights: 140 credits
  • Green Suit: 60 credits
  • Toilet: 150 credits
  • Pajama Suit: 900 credits
  • Hazard Suit: 90 credits

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Romantic Table and Record Player
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And that’s it for how to move furniture in Lethal Company and the in-progress ship decor list. If you found this guide to be a great asset, maybe consider checking out some of my other LC guides.

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