Lethal Company: How to Survive and Kill the Masked

The Masked is a new enemy to the Lethal Company bestiary. Here's how to deal with the new masks and survive possession.

Getting possessed by a mask in Lethal Company
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The latest update added two new monsters to the line up, and they both are dramatically different from any enemies we’ve seen in the game yet. In this guide, I’m going to go over how to survive and kill the masks in Lethal Company.

How to Survive and Kill the Masks in Lethal Company

The community has come up with some creative enemy types, but none have been quite like the new Masked enemy. This monster pretends to be a piece of harmless scrap, but it’s actually anything but. Getting possessed by a mask makes you yourself into a Masked, but there’s one way to avoid it happening in the moment. And, as an additional bit of good news, once a crewmate becomes a Masked, they’re not too hard to kill.

There are two types of masks you can run into, but both the Comedy Mask and Tragedy Mask work exactly the same. The only difference is that the Tragedy Mask turns into a comedy one when it finally possesses someone.

Aside from the masks that possess employees, there are full-on Masked enemies roaming the halls of certain moons. Be careful of roaming Masked on premium moons.

A possessed employee in Lethal Company.

How Does Mask Possession Work in Lethal Company?

There are a few ways in which a mask can possess you or your crew in Lethal Company. I’ll go over them in bullets, just to keep things simple:

  • A mask can possess someone when they are holding one in their main hand.
  • A mask has a high chance to possess someone when they hold it to their face.
  • If an employee dies with a mask in their inventory, it will possess them upon death.
  • Holding the mask to your face even while in orbit can make it attach to you, which will turn you into a Masked upon landing.

There are a lot of ways for one of these masks to ruin your day. They’re novel, but it’s best to leave them be.

When someone is possessed and becomes a Masked, the monster will still appear as the player on the radar and will exhibit some suspiciously human behaviors. They’ll spin, look around corners, and wander either inside or outside the facility just like a player would. It can be hard for the person on the ship to tell whether someone’s been possessed by a Masked, and it can lead to an untimely death if a Masked is teleported to the ship.

How to Remove Masked Possession in Lethal Company

There’s only one way to dispel Masked possessions, and it has to be done before a player has been completely taken over and become a Masked. So, this has to be done just after a Comedy Mask or Tragedy Mask attaches itself to someone.

Specifically, to prevent someone from being possessed, you’ll need to use the Teleporter just after the mask attaches to them. Since the Teleporter forces whatever players are pulled through it to drop their items, they’ll drop the mask as well. Your crew will need to be spot-on with communication to pull this off, but it can save your life and should be kept in mind.

Looking at a Masked enemy in Lethal Company.
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How to Kill Lethal Company Masked Enemies

Let’s say one of your crewmates has gotten unlucky enough to be possessed and turned into a Masked, or you’re on Rend or Titan and are running into roaming Masked enemies. In either case, you can kill them fairly easily.

You can kill Masked in Lethal Company with a mere four hits of the shovel, and they’re relatively easy to get in since they don’t move quickly. If you’re the Masked’s target, you can still get in enough hits by running backwards while hitting it with your shovel or sign. They’re one of the easier monsters to kill in the game, funnily enough!

When a Masked is after someone on your crew, it will hyper-focus that person until they get out of the creature’s vicinity. This makes them easy to lose, but they will quickly switch targets to the next player they see. If it’s after someone in particular, someone who isn’t its focus can hit it a few times to kill it with no trouble.

That’s all the advice I can currently give on how to survive and kill Masked in Lethal Company. These are the most exciting enemies added to the game yet, though the Nutcracker is pretty wild. Check out some of our other LC guides, such as how to survive the Jester, and how to survive the Coil-head.

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