Lethal Company: Teleporter vs. Inverse Teleporter Overview

There can only be one winner in the debate over whether your crew gets the Teleporter vs. Inverse Teleporter first.

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There aren’t a ton of upgrades you can order for your ship, making the three available very tempting. In this guide, I’ll go over Teleporter vs. Inverted Teleporter in Lethal Company to help you decide which one to get for your crew first.

Teleporter vs. Inverse Teleporter: Which Should You Get First in Lethal Company?

I’m heavily biased against the Inverse Teleporter, let’s just get that out of the way now. It’s truly a “love it or hate it” ship upgrade, which you’ll find out about soon enough. Conversely, the Teleporter might not work the way you think it should. So, let’s get a look at these two ship upgrades.

The Teleporter costs 375 credits, while the Inverse Teleporter costs 425 credits. It’s only a 50 credit difference, but you might only be able to afford one right now. If you were to get just one of them for your crew right now, it should be the Teleporter. Here’s why.

Why Get the Teleporter Before the Inverse Teleporter?

There are a few good reasons to get the Teleporter ship upgrade first in Lethal Company, but one big one stands above the rest: You can teleport your crewmates back after they’ve been killed, most of the time.

The Teleporter allows you to teleport a crew member back to the ship from inside the facility or even just outside, but it leaves their items where they were standing. This makes the Teleporter useful for clutch saves, since the person you teleport back won’t have any of their haul on hand.

You can teleport back crewmates who are about to be killed by the Snare Flea and Forest Keeper, provided you’re quick enough to hit the button. But, as I mentioned above, the biggest boon is that you can teleport crew member’s corpses back after they’ve died. There are some exceptions to this, like you can’t use the Teleporter on someone who has been eaten by a Forest Keeper or Jester, or has been otherwise devoured or mauled into pieces.

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Should You Get the Inverse Teleporter?

The Inverse Teleporter in Lethal Company sends players into a completely random location in the facility. For this reason, I only recommend this ship upgrade to experienced crews or those just trying to have some fun. I go into the Inverse Teleporter more in my guide specifically on it, but it works similarly to the Teleporter in the fact that it doesn’t transfer items with the person being teleported.

You can send more than one crew member into the facility using the Inverse Teleporter at a time, but it’s incredibly dangerous to use. I don’t recommend every player in a lobby hop into the Inverse Teleporter unless you’re not taking it seriously and just want to have a giggle. This upgrade can be a run-ender.

Lethal Company Teleporter vs. Inverse Teleporter: Teleporter Is the Clear Winner

If you can only get one right now, get the Teleporter first. The Inverse Teleporter is a fun little upgrade, but the regular Teleporter actually has some uses and can clutch save a crewmate in need. Using a Teleporter makes your chances of success go up, using an Inverse Teleporter has the, er, inverse effect in that it might just kill everyone who goes into it.

I highly recommend you read both of my guides on these ship upgrades to learn more about how they work, but for now, this is what you need to know about the Lethal Company Teleporter vs. Inverse Teleporter debate. Check out some of our other LC guides on GameSkinny to help yourself be a great, great asset to the company.

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