How to Get and Use the Teleporter in Lethal Company

The Teleporter is a handy tool in Lethal Company, but you'll want to know how it works before pressing the button.

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The Terminal store offers a variety of items for your hard-earned credits, but the actual uses for some of them aren’t entirely obvious. In this guide, I’ll go over how to use the Teleporter in Lethal Company so you can decide whether it’s worth your crew’s cash.

How to Get and Make Good Use of the Teleporter in Lethal Company

There are only so many things a Teleporter in any game can do, and the same can be said here in Lethal Company. The perils of roaming the company facilities are many, but some are made a little less anxiety-inducing by having a Teleporter on your ship and a crew member watching the monitor and giving out directions.

How to Get a Teleporter in Lethal Company

You can buy a Teleporter using the store command on the Terminal, along with other ship upgrades. It costs 375 credits, so it’ll probably be a couple of quotas until you can order one. When you place the order, it won’t be delivered like tools. Instead, it’ll just appear on your ship and be ready to use.

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How to Use the Teleporter in Lethal Company

The Teleporter has to be activated on the ship, and it can teleport back any player with the press of a button. It can also teleport back their corpse, unless they were eaten, or otherwise horribly dismembered. There’s a caveat, though. You didn’t think you’d get an upgrade like this without some sort of downside, right?

The downside to the Teleporter is that the person who’s teleported back won’t bring any of their items with them. All of their items, scrap and tools alike, are left on the ground right where they were standing. There are some mods that adjust this functionality, but this is how it works in the vanilla game and, frankly, it’s more balanced that way.

To use the Teleporter, select a player on the monitor using the grey button on the left side of it. Then open the glass covering its dedicated button, then hit the button. Two E presses, and bam! Teleporation! Give it 10 seconds, and you can do it all over again.

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Save Friends from Forest Giants and Snare Fleas Using the Teleporter

On maps with Forest Keepers, if a crew member starts screaming over comms about a Forest Giant or you know they’ve just been picked up, swap to their view and slap that Teleporter button. You can save fellow employees from Forest Keepers if you teleport them back before the monster chomps on their heads. You can also do so to save them from Snare Fleas.

That’s about all I can say about how to use the Teleporter in Lethal Company. Like many of the game’s items and functions, you can find some creative uses for the Teleporter. Check out some of our other guides on the game if you’re still learning the ropes. You never know what tidbits might help when playing with your friends.

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