What Does “Most Paranoid Employee” Mean in Lethal Company? Answered

The notes you get at the end of the day are cryptic. Here's what the "most paranoid employee" did that day in Lethal Company.

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At the end of the day, some particularly lucky (or unlucky) crew members get notes on their performance. They’re not meant to be taken seriously, but here’s what I know about what “most paranoid employee” means in Lethal Company.

What Does It Mean When You Get the “Most Paranoid Employee” Note in Lethal Company?

We all love having a laugh at the one guy or gal who got “laziest employee.” It’s true! The most paranoid employee in Lethal Company is a bit more of a mystery, though. While the laziest is surely the one who moves the least, what did the most paranoid employee in your crew do to deserve such a note?

I can’t confirm this, but it’s what I heard from some friends and it does seem to be legit: the most paranoid employee is the one who turns around the most on a crew. Seriously. That’s who the most paranoid one is.

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It’s sort of understandable that turning around a lot would make the game give someone this note. Someone who’s not having a look around every five seconds isn’t exactly worried about monsters jumping them from behind, but they probably should be. Who knows when a Coil-head could sprint at them, or a Bracken decides it’s the right time to snatch them up.

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Probably the crew member staying on the ship won’t be eligible for this note, but any vigilant intergalactic garbage man actually delving into the bowels of the Company’s facilities should be eligible for this one. If you’re just looking ahead all the time, you’re opening yourself up for monsters to jump you from behind.

The notes you get at the end of a day are just for fun, but at least now you know what “most paranoid employee” means in Lethal Company and can pick on the crew member who gets it all the time appropriately. Check out some of our other LC guides here on GameSkinny, because some are great, great assets; like my comprehensive guide on how to use a Radar Booster.

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