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What Does the Inverse Teleporter Do in Lethal Company? Answered

The Lethal Company Inverse Teleporter costs some scratch, but it can be worth it under the right circumstances.

There are only so many ship upgrades you can get. You’re probably not going to want to get them all each run, but one or two might not hurt. I’ll go over what the Inverse Teleporter does in Lethal Company and how to use it in this guide.

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How to Use the Inverse Teleporter in Lethal Company, and Is It Worth It?

Between the three available ship upgrades your crew can get, the most confusing in concept is the Inverse Teleporter. I myself avoided it for a few days, just because I didn’t care and it cost 425 credits. It has its uses, though, and it can be invaluable for a crew with the right skillset and blessings from RNGesus. You’re gonna need a lot of luck for this one!

The regular Teleporter pulls and teleports its target to the ship, right? The Inverse Teleporter does the exact opposite: it teleports a player to a completely random location inside the local facility your crew is scouring for scrap. This is a combination of both great and terrible, depending on the luck of the person who gets sent inside. The Inverse Teleporter is best used in conjunction with the Teleporter, and I’ll explain exactly why.

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How to Use the Inverse Teleporter in Lethal Company

When you order the Inverse Teleporter, it will appear on your ship and have a special yellow button connected to it, set up right next to the monitor. If you’ve ordered a Teleporter before, you’ll know that it comes with a red button. The two buttons are right next to each other for a reason, though of course, you can place the two teleporters themselves anywhere you like on the ship.

How you use the two is a little different. The Teleporter affects the crew member who’s selected on the monitor, but the Inverse Teleporter is a little more direct. The person standing inside the Inverse Teleporter is the one sent into the building. It also has a whopping 200-second cooldown, meaning you’re only sending one person in at a time.

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The problem is, of course, that where you’re teleported to is completely and utterly random. You could be teleported right next to an entity, you could be sent in behind a locked door, literally anywhere. And, like the Teleporter, none of your items are taken in with you.

You should try to a way out when using this upgrade, and that’s where the Teleporter comes in. In an ideal situation, here’s how you should pull off using the Inverse Teleporter in on junction with the Teleporter:

  1. Have one crew member targeting the person being teleported on the monitor.
  2. The person who wants to be teleported needs to stand in the middle of the Inverse Teleporter.
  3. Open the glass and press the yellow button while the selected crew member stands in the Inverse Teleporter.
  4. If they’re sent somewhere locked behind a door or with red dots very close, hit the red button for the Teleporter to bring them back.
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When Should You Use the Lethal Company Inverse Teleporter?

It’s a huge risk, but there can be huge rewards if you’re lucky enough — and desperate enough. Considering the risks, you probably don’t want to make too much use of the Inverse Teleporter. There are some circumstances where it’s a better idea than otherwise, though.

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If you have no confidence in making the quota as it stands, using the Inverse Teleporter may be just the ticket to getting that extra loot. This is especially the case when you’re deep into a run and have to travel to Rend, Dine, or Titan to meet the profit quota. All three are extremely dangerous both indoors and outdoors, but using the Inverse Teleporter can mitigate some of the risk from threats such as Eyeless Dogs.

When you have to continue scavenging past 8 p.m. on a moon with inclement weather is another good time to use the Inverse Teleporter due to the increasing threats outside. I really recommend following the method outlined above under any circumstance, though. You never know what’s going to happen.

That’s about all the advice I can give on how to use the Inverse Teleporter in Lethal Company and whether it’s worth it. Check out some of my other LC guides here on GameSkinny, because why not? They’re pretty good!

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