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How to Use the Boombox in Lethal Company

The Boombox is one of the more whimsical items you can get in Lethal Company, but it does have its uses.

There are a handful of items you can order for your scrap excavation party that have uses that aren’t entirely obvious. We’ll go over how to use the Boombox in Lethal Company in this guide, other than vibing with your pals.

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What Is the Boombox Used for in Lethal Company? Jamming Out with Slimes

The Lethal Company Boombox plays some sick beats. It couldn’t be useless if it costs 60 credits, right? Right! Though this logic doesn’t count toward furniture you can order for the ship or a suit or two. With some things you can buy, like the Teleporter and Lockpicker, the uses are more clear-cut than with the Boombox.

Noise aggros some of the monsters in, one of which is a particular outside-only monster that all employees fear: the Eyeless Dog. You can use the Lethal Company Boombox to your advantage in dealing with two monsters in particular:

  • Eyeless Dogs
  • Hygroderes (slimes)

There might be more, but these are the two I have experience using the Boombox in Lethal Company against and the only two I can personally comment on strats for. It might be useful for distracting the Earth Leviathan (the giant worm), though I can’t comment.

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Since losing the Boombox means losing those 60 credits it costs, you should only use it as bait if the day’s haul will more than cover the cost. You also shouldn’t leave the Boombox if you use it to lure a Hydroderes, but you likely won’t have a choice if you’re using it to lure Eyeless Dogs.

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How to Use a Boombox to Lure an Eyeless Dog

You’ll want to set the Boombox down away from the ship in the afternoon and accept that you’ll probably lose it. Don’t turn it on while you walk there, as it doesn’t have the best battery power. Make sure to tell your team that you’re putting down the Boombox so they aren’t lured to its sweet, sweet tunes.

Just turn on the Boombox, drop it, and wander away. The music will play and hopefully lure Eyeless Dogs in its direction rather than toward the ship. Eyeless Dogs are blind, just as their name implies, so they’re very attracted to sounds.

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How to Use a Boombox to Lure a Hygroderes

The idea behind this is pretty much the same, but indoors. The Hygroderes normally meanders toward the nearest player, but it will meander toward the Boombox instead if it’s blasting some tunes. You can hop over Hygroderes or even walk across a railing to avoid them, but this is a way to lure it to a specific area so it stops getting in your way.

I really do not recommend using the Boombox to play music while walking around a building because it makes you far too conspicuous, but it does have its uses. Now that you know how to use a Boombox in Lethal Company, check out some of our other guides, such as how to carry items in a storm.

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