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How Does the Lethal Company Mimic Mod Work? Answered

The Lethal Company Mimic mod is crazy popular, and for good reason. Here's what it does, in case you're on the fence.

Some employees have been taking a break from scavenging scrap, but the Company will let them get away with it since they’re making mods instead. In this short guide, I’ll touch on what the Lethal Company Mimic mod does and whether it’s worth it.

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It’s very true that the Mimic is best as a surprise. But, if you’re on the fence or are tired of looking, I’ve got a bit of a spoiler for you. You may very well be grateful for the heads-up, though!

What Does the Mimic Mod Do in Lethal Company?

Some of my friends are always sifting through new Lethal Company mods, and we’ve been playing with the Mimics mod this past week. Since the mod creator didn’t mention what the Mimic monsters were actually pretending to be, it took a little bit for us to figure out exactly what we were looking for in this mod.

Initially, we thought that some of the scrap we found might be one of the Mimics. After all, every player has to encounter scrap to some degree, right? But that wasn’t actually the case. This mod creature doesn’t pretend to be scrap. Instead, it pretends to be a Fire Exit. This is actually very clever! A lot of players have been asking for Mimics to be added to the game that pretend to be players, but this is actually a very balanced way to implement this sort of monster.

How to Tell a Fire Exit is a Mimic

If you know how many Fire Exits are on a moon, you’ll have an easier time dealing with the Lethal Company Mimic mod. Each moon has a set amount of Fire Exits, and this mod really cranks them up when the difficulty is set to five or six. There’s something unnerving about seeing two Fire Exits in one room or one right down the hall from another.

There are a few tells for whether a Fire Exit is a Mimic. It can either:

  • Have the door prompt say “Die” or “Feed” instead of “Exit.”
  • Have an extra bright light to draw you towards it.
  • Be a slightly different red from real Fire Exits.
A door Mimic from a mod in Lethal Company
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If you try to exit through one that’s actually a Mimic, you’ll be insta-killed. You just have to make judgment calls while inside the facility to try to determine which Fire Exits are actually Mimics. Alternatively, while running this mod, it’s a good idea to have at least one crew member come in through the Fire Exits to tell the crew which are real. This way you can more easily avoid the Mimic doors.

Now you know what the Lethal Company Mimic mod does, and it’s very much worth installing if you want to add a little extra spice to your scavenging runs. The modding community is hard at work on the game, but hopefully, Zeekerss has some sort of content update for us on the horizon. Check out some of our other LC guides on GameSkinny, such as all monsters and how to beat them, all moons and their Fire Exits and monsters, and what Hazard levels mean.

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