Lethal Company: How to Open Doors on the Ship with the Terminal

In this guide, we'll go over how to open security doors and regular doors in Lethal Company.

A dead crewmate in Lethal Company.
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Finding keys and opening normal doors is easy enough, but opening security doors requires someone be on the ship, or a crewmate with a good memory. I’ll go into how to open doors on the ship with the Terminal in Lethal Company in this guide.

How to Doors Using the Terminal on the Ship in Lethal Company

You and your crews will come across tons of locked security doors while you’re looking for scrap to fulfill your profit quota. Luckily for us all, they’re very easy to open. Each security door has an alphanumerical combination on the front of the door that both the people watching the radar and the crew members inside can see.

How to Open Doors in Lethal Company with the Terminal

Now that you know where to see the alphanumerical security door code combo you need, which is always lowercase and two digits long, you can open a door on the Terminal.

  • Turn to the Terminal from the monitor.
  • Type in the two-character code for it.
  • Hit the Enter key. You’ll open or close the door, depending on its state when you input the code.

Where Can You See the Door’s Number?

While inside the facility, you can see the security door’s alphanumerical combination on the front of it in big letters. It will be a two-digit/letter combo. It can be a little hard to spot in the dark, but here’s about what you’ll be looking for in the image below. You can see the “R4” at the top right of the door here.

A closed security door in Lethal Company.
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When inside the ship, you can see the door’s number on the radar. An opened door is green and a closed one is red. Both of these are for door “R4,” but the letter is lowercase. I have a hard time reading these sometimes, but you can just move around a bit to get a better look if you’re watching the radar to get the right alphanumerical combination. Door codes and Turret codes are always only two characters long.

An opened and closed door on the radar in Lethal Company.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

And that’s it for how to open doors with the Terminal in Lethal Company. There’s plenty else to worry about while you’re trying to satisfy the company’s need for profit. You shouldn’t have to worry about doors along with everything else. If you found this guide helpful, check out some of our other Lethal Company guides here on GameSkinny.

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