The Backrooms in Lethal Company.
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The Backrooms Room in Lethal Company Explained

There's one room that reminds everyone of the Backrooms in Lethal Company. What is it?

You come across a few uniquely laid out rooms while you’re searching for scrap, like the long double-sided corridor with stairs and some gaps to fall into. In this guide, I’ll reveal what the room that looks like the Backrooms is in Lethal Company.

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What Does the Backrooms Room Mean in Lethal Company?

Whether you’re in the more industrial facility or the one that looks like the inside of a mansion, there’s always a chance you’ll see a particular room. One that, I swear, every person I’ve seen or played with says looks like the Backrooms.

The Backrooms room serves one purpose: it houses the Bracken. If you run across this room during a run, it’s guaranteed that there’s a Bracken wandering the facility and looking for its first opportunity to grab one of your crew.

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The Bracken staring down the player.
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What this room actually is may not be as exciting as you might have hoped. I’ve heard some wild theories from new players, but they’re untrue. I’m unsure if that’s the room it carries unlucky crew members’ corpses into, but there’s no doubt who’s room it is.

The Bracken is one of the more finicky creatures you’ll come across indoors in Lethal Company. While many are much more obvious, like the Thumper with its stomping or the Coil-head just charging at you, the Bracken stays out of sight until he thinks it’s a safe time to steal a crew member.

And with that, you now know what the room that looks like the Backrooms is in Lethal Company. If you found this guide helpful, take a look at some of our other Lethal Company guides.

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