How to Survive and Kill Thumpers in Lethal Company

Thumpers are one of the most terrifying monsters you can come across indoors in Lethal Company. Here's how to deal with them.

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There’s a whole list of monsters that can murder you in an instant while you’re picking up dubious moon scrap. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to survive and beat Thumpers in Lethal Company, because these horrifying leggy boys aren’t necessarily guaranteed death.

How to Beat Thumpers in Lethal Company

Lethal Company Thumpers are one of the most notorious enemies in the game, and are an easy death if you’re not expecting them and don’t know how to deal with them. These creatures can seem like Spiders if you don’t see them outright, but they’re more dangerous than Spiders.

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How to Escape a Thumper

They two-shot you like a Spider, but they charge so fast you might not have a chance to really react. The Thumper has two big weaknesses:

  • The inability to attack vertically.
  • It has to stop to turn.

So, how do you deal with Thumpers? Be aware of your surroundings, and take note of rails you can jump onto. You can jump onto rails to stay safe from a select few monsters, and the Thumper is one of them. Despite how ferocious they are, monsters that are low to the ground can’t attack vertically upward. Make frequent turns as well, if you can. Do not run in a straight line to escape a Thumper.

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How to Kill Thumpers

In an ideal situation, here’s how you kill a Thumper in Lethal Company:

  • Jump onto a railing or anything else you might be able to jump onto that’s higher than the ground.
  • Beat it to death with a Shovel or Stop Sign. It’ll take several hits to put it down.

The good news is, at least you can kill Thumpers. The bad news is, of course, that it requires you be able to find a safe spot and have a weapon on-hand. There aren’t going to be that many instances where you’re in a position to kill them, but now you know you can.

That’s it for how to survive and beat Thumpers in Lethal Company. Neither option is easy, but running into one of these monsters doesn’t mean you have to die. Check out our growing list of Lethal Company guides on GameSkinny.

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