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Lethal Company: Bracken Survival Guide

The Bracken is shy but deadly in Lethal Company. Here's how to survive an encounter one, and kill it if you can.

The Flower Man/Bracken is one of the community’s favorite creatures despite (or because of) how deadly this shy boy can be. In this guide, I’ll go over how to survive and beat the Bracken in Lethal Company.

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How to Survive and Beat the Bracken in Lethal Company

The Bracken is iconic to Lethal Company at this point, being the most humanoid monster in the game, aside from the Ghost Girl in a Red Dress. The Ghost Girl is the most humanoid, but she’s a spooky ghost and decimates the crew if given enough time.

Our bristling, shy Flower Man won’t necessarily kill your entire crew if given enough time, but he absolutely will if you don’t keep an eye on your surroundings. He’s not invincible, though. We’ll get to how to kill him in a bit.

How to Tell if There’s a Bracken in the Facility

Aside from seeing it, there are two telltale signs that there’s a Bracken in the area:

  • There’s a haunting ambient melody playing inside the facility. This might only happen for a few seconds, but it’s a clear indicator the Flower Man has spawned. It’s likely to play this tune more than once.
  • If you find a room with carpet and yellowed walls that reminds you of the Backrooms. This is the Bracken’s room.

If you hear the ambient melody or see the room, it’s guaranteed that this monster is roaming the facility. It’s very possible you’ll see him loitering a bit away, staring at you. Careful, though. You don’t want to stare back.

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How to Survive the Bracken

Some of the creatures you come across both inside and outside the game’s facilities will kill you indiscriminately, but not so with the Bracken. He wants to kill you, yes, but he’s not going to rampage his way through the facility to take you all out. He will wait for his opportunity.

The Bracken is a pro at the “Waiting Game,” in that this monster waits until you least expect it to run up and snatch you. It waits a little bit away, maybe down the hall or peeking around a corner. But it waits until you forget about it, and it comes to break your neck and steal your body so your crew can’t recover you.

It’s possible to ward off the Flower Man for a long time, but you must stay vigilant. If you and your crew know there’s a Bracken in the facility, you must ensure you’re looking around frequently and not leaving any of your backs open for too long. It only takes a couple of seconds for this monster to decide it’s time to go in, so you can’t let your guard down for too long.

Your best line of defense is keeping your eyes open and your head on a swivel. But also to not stare at the Bracken for too long. Staring at the Bracken for just a few seconds will send the creature into a frenzy, during which it will chase you down and snatch you up.

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How to Beat the Bracken

A plain old Shovel won’t do the job on this creature. You need a Zap Gun to kill this shy guy, but you’ll need to use it in conjunction with a Shovel or a sign weapon. You’ll also need at least two people; you can’t kill the Flower Man alone.

  1. Have one person using the Zap Gun on the Bracken to stun it.
  2. Have another person hit it with a weapon until it dies.

Of course, you’ll have to catch the Bracken nearby, and not as it’s snapping your neck. If you make sure to look around, you might be able see it in time and give it a good zap.

That’s about all the advice I can give on how to survive and beat the Bracken in Lethal Company. If you found this guide to be a great asset, check out some of our other LC guides here on GameSkinny.

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