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Can You Play Lethal Company Solo? Answered

Lethal Company is meant to be played in good company, but you don't have to play with others. You'll probably want to, though.

Content creators across Twitch and YouTube alike have been jumping on the scrap collection ship. If you’ve been watching and are curious to try the game, or maybe want to play when your friends are away, I’ll answer whether you can play Lethal Company solo in this guide.

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Lethal Company Solo Play Outlined — Yes, You Can!

You can play Lethal Company solo, but it’s not easy. It’s so not-easy that I honestly don’t recommend it at all unless you really want to brag about your skills and luck.

Since the game’s meant to be played with multiple people, it’s made exponentially easier with one player in the ship and at least one delving into scrap-laden buildings. Communication is key when playing with a team since the person on the ship needs to communicate via Walkie-talkie to help navigate and avoid monsters.

How to Play Lethal Company Solo

To start a new campaign alone, you still need to Host at the main menu. You don’t have to choose to play online, though; you can use LAN instead.

If you’re playing the game by yourself, you won’t have anyone on the ship to communicate with. Of course, you’ve probably seen plenty of streamers and their friends wandering in without this setup. You’ve also probably seen them all die horrible deaths and barely make quota!

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Lethal Company Solo Play Tips

What Items to Buy at The Start if Playing Lethal Company Alone

Actually playing Lethal Company solo requires that you take your time. You’ll need to buy at least one particular item at the Terminal using the “store” command.

You’ll need to start with at least a Pro-flashlight to help see in the dark, which will take up 25 credits out of your starting 60 credits. A Shovel might not be a bad idea, either, in case you come across Hoarding Bugs or other threats indoors. You can kill some monsters with a Shovel, but not all. You can also do so with Stop Signs and Yield Signs that you might find, but a Shovel to start is some extra safety.

Staying Safe Alone

You’ll be going in blind if you’re playing alone, so you’ll need to progress slowly and keep your flashlight pointed toward the ceiling to avoid Snare Fleas (also known among the community as “Head Crabs”). As a tip, you can trigger them to drop on the floor, rather than your head, by running just by where they are hanging. You can then chase them down and pummel them with your Shovel.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that you can avoid being attacked by monsters that are low to the ground by hopping onto railings. This is a critical maneuver if you’re playing by yourself. It’s helpful when playing with others, but you need to always keep rails in mind when playing alone so you can use them to your advantage.

You’ll probably want to head back to the ship around 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., with 8 p.m. being the latest since you won’t have any guidance about the monsters surrounding the ship. You’ll want to do so even earlier if you’re on a moon with bad weather, as monsters spawn and become aggressive sooner in any weather condition other than the default. And don’t visit Eclipse moons alone — ever.

So, can you play Lethal Company solo? The answer is a resounding yes. Do you want to play it solo? The answer there is probably not a yes, but it is possible if you’re patient enough. When you’re a few quotas in, though, you may find that you won’t be able to meet the amount the Company is asking for. Check out some of our other Lethal Company guides here on GameSkinny.

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