A dead Bunker Spider and shotgun in Lethal Company.
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How to Get and Use a Shotgun in Lethal Company

The double-barrel shotgun is the one full-blown weapon we can get in Lethal Company. Here's how to get it.

There aren’t a lot of weapons employees can use, so the shotgun is a particularly exciting piece of equipment. Except, it’s not quite equipment. In this guide, I’ll go over how to get a Double-barrel Shotgun in Lethal Company, so you too can blow a monster or two away.

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Where to Find a Double-Barrel Shotgun in Lethal Company

If the Masked weren’t scary enough additions to patch v45, the Nutcracker takes things up another level. These monsters can be found across various Hazard levels and are the only enemy armed with an actual weapon. That gun is, of course, the Double-barrel Shotgun. You don’t have to let Nutcrackers be the only entities with Boomsticks. You and your crew can, too. At least for a time.

How to Take a Shotgun from a Nutcracker

Nutcrackers are particularly aggressive. Once they’ve spotted you, they will hunt you down and do their best to blow you to bits. You have two options for dealing with this monster and its gun. You can either:

  • Kill the Nutcracker and take its Shotgun, plus additional ammo.
  • Run up to it and yank the Shotgun right out of its hands.
A dead Nutcracker and shotgun shells in Lethal Company.

Killing one of these requires some clever maneuvering. It’s easiest to deal with a Nutcracker by moving in and out of cover, maybe behind a pillar or shelf. Hide behind cover when it fires, and try to get a hit in with a sign or Shovel while it’s reloading. It doesn’t take long for it to reload at all, but it’s not impossible. I’ve done it a few times by now. Once it’s bit the dust, you can pry the Shotgun from its cold, dead hands. You may also be able to find Shotgun Shells on the floor by its corpse as well.

Taking one out of its hands is another matter, and is hard to do alone. You’ll either have to run at it from the side to catch it off-guard or throw a Stun Grenade at it and run up to take the Shotgun right out of its hands. Be aware that taking the Shotgun away will instigate the Nutcracker into kicking you instead of shooting you, and it is very tenacious.

How to Use the Shotgun in Lethal Company

Shotgun go boom. But it doesn’t go boom if it’s out of ammo. You can only get ammo by killing Nutcrackers, meaning it’s very possible you might pick up a gun and only be able to use it a couple of times. You can check to see if a Double-barrel Shotgun still has ammo by pressing E to initiate a reload. If you hear a click, it’s all out. You’ll have to get more by killing more Nutcrackers.

Hunting with the shotgun in Lethal Company.
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The Shotgun has a safety feature that you’ll usually want to keep off if you’re actively using it as a weapon, but you’ll always want to turn the safety on when putting it down. If a Double-barrel Shotgun has ammo and is stepped on with the safety off, it’s very possible for a crewmate to step on it and cause it to fire from the floor. This will, of course, kill anyone in the gun’s bullet spread.

That’s all the advice I can give on how to get and use the Double-barrel Shotgun in Lethal Company. Check out some of our other LC guides on GameSkinny, such as how to survive the Masked and how to use the Signal Translator.

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