Lethal Company All Items List and How to Use Them

Let's go over all items in Lethal Company and what you can do with them. There are some surprises!

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There aren’t a ton of items your crew can order and use as you scavenge scrap on moons, but the ones that are available can be very useful. In this guide, I’ll go over all items in Lethal Company and how to use them effectively.

All Items in Lethal Company and What They Do

I’m not going to ramble before we get to the Lethal Company item list. I’m just going to say that your mileage may vary with each of these and you will definitely find some interesting uses for some of them. Let’s get to the item list!

  • Walkie-talkie (12 credits) — Your default mode of long-distance communication is the trusty Walkie-talkie. You have to have the Walkie-talkie on to hear your crewmates talk using it and have to hold it in your hand to press the button to talk into it.
  • Flashlight (15 credits) — You’ll probably end up getting at least two of these to start. The default Flashlight has very poor battery life and doesn’t put out much light, so you’ll want to upgrade after your first quota. Learn more about this item in my dedicated guide.
  • Shovel (30 credits) — This will probably be your first weapon. You can’t dig anything up with a Shovel, but you can sure as heck kill Hoarding Bugs, Snare Fleas, Thumpers, Bunker Spiders, and even Bracken using one. Note that you can also hit your crewmates and potentially kill them with it.
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  • Lockpicker (20 credits) — The Lockpicker can unlock any standard door, but it takes 30 seconds to do so. This is a heavy item and, honestly, a bit of a waste of space. You won’t want to lug this back to the ship instead of another piece of scrap.
  • Pro-flashlight (25 credits) — The defacto upgrade to the Flashlight, this one has increased battery life and brighter light. Pro-flashlights and Walkie-talkies should be your buying priorities.
  • Stun Grenade (40 credits) — The Stun Grenade sounds more useful than it is, but it can save a crewmate in a pinch if you toss it at a monster. It won’t kill anything on its own, though, and causes enough smoke to blind nearby players in the process.
  • Boombox (60 credits) — I like the Boombox if only for the jams, but it doesn’t have a lot of uses. The best use of the Boombox is to lure slimes into a room. Just turn it on, drop it, and leave. This may also lure Thumpers for a short time, since Thumpers react to sound.
  • TZP-Inhalant (120 credits) — The TZP-Inhalant is your one way to heal while on a scavenging excursion. It says it can help carry items for longer, but I haven’t actually had it help me in that regard. Note that the TZP-Inhalant has a limited healing ability and can’t be recharged. It also creates a deep haze in your vision if you huff it for too long. Maybe not worth it!
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  • Zap Gun (400 credits) — The Zap Gun is a weird one. You can use it to stun monsters for a time by aiming the zapping ray, but it won’t kill anything. This is a great utility tool to have around when you’re running around Dine, Titan, and Rend since it can halt the Jester’s windup, at least for a time. It also enables you to kill Bracken, since one person can zap and another can beat it with a weapon.
  • Jetpack (700 credits) — Jetpacks are cool! Jetpacks in Lethal Company are cool, and will probably kill you. This particular tool is one of the more flashy ones, but it’s also one of the more useless ones since steering while flying is incredibly difficulty. It can be useful on some moons if you get good at using one, but that’s a huge chunk of money gone if lost on an expedition.
  • Extension Ladder (60 credits) — You put it down, it extends, and it falls at the angle you put it down. This can be an incredible tool if used properly to get to high-up Fire Exits or to traverse moons in general, particularly on Flood moons. Be careful not to aim it so it falls on you or a crewmate, though!
  • Radar-booster (50 credits) — This is another weird one. The Radar-booster serves as another viewpoint on the monitor and can be pinged using the Terminal to lead crewmates back to the facility entrance or to lure monsters. I recommend reading my guide on using the Radar-booster properly.

And that’s the Lethal Company all items list, hopefully giving you some guidance on whether you should spend the credits on them or not. Of all the items you can buy, the Flashlight, Pro-flashlight, Walkie-talkie, and Extension Ladder are probably the most useful. Check out some of our other LC guides on GameSkinny, such as whether to get the Teleporter vs. Inverse Teleporter.

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