The Best Moons in Lethal Company for Profit

Some Lethal Company moons aren't worth the trouble, but some are among the others as the best moons.

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Not all moons are equal, but you don’t need me to tell you that. Some have Forest Keepers, some have Eyeless Dogs, and some have the dreaded Jester and ghost girl. In this guide, I’ll tell you the best moons in Lethal Company to visit for fun and profit.

Lethal Company Best Moons for Fun and Profit

There are only a handful of moons on your scrap scavenging itinerary in Lethal Company, and some are considerably more deadly than others. You have eight to choose from on the Terminal, with the default for new players being Experimentation. Honestly, Experimentation is a really good map and preps you for the challenges on later moons, but it’s not one of the best.

Out of the eight Lethal Company planets, four stand out above the others. It would be too easy to just say the high-dollar moons are the best of the best, but one in a lower difficulty bracket is an amazing starter for newer scavenging crews who want to up the difficulty from Experimentation without the annoyance of Vow.

Lethal Company Best Moons #4: March

The paid moons are easily the best, but March is worth noting for newer crews. March is an amazing gateway to more difficult moons from the initial Experimentation moon, and it’s just a good middle-ground overall. While the other moons on this list are more on the “brutal” end of the spectrum, March is more relaxed and doesn’t task you with the Jester or ghost girl in the red dress.

What’s best about March is the Main Entrance is just ahead from the ship’s door, though you do have to veer to the right to avoid falling into the ravine and lake between the ship and the facility. It also has three Fire Exits and is prone to spawning Bee Hives. This one gets less viable as the profit quota reaches stupid heights, but it’s worthwhile for a long time.

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Lethal Company Best Moons #3: Dine

Of the three paid planet, I hate Dine the most. All three are of comparable difficulty and Hazard levels. It just takes the longest to get to Dine’s Main Entrance, and you need an Extension Ladder or Jet Pack to get up to the Fire Exit. That’s why this one’s the worst of the three paid moons despite not being all that different from Rend.

On both Rend and Dine, you’re meant to follow the lights leading from your ship to the facility to find the Main Entrance. Both offer tons of scrap to sell back to the company, but they both feature the most difficult indoor creatures in Lethal Company alongside threats outdoors. Dine is just the worse of the two of them, and the worst of the three paid moons.

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Lethal Company Best Moons #2: Rend

No matter which way you look at it, Rend is simply better than Dine. While they’re pretty much the same in their snowy theme and the fact you should follow the lights to the main entrance, the path from the ship to the Main Entrance is shorter on Rend and the Fire Exit doesn’t require extra equipment to get to.

The trek to and from the facility might be shorter, but it’s much harder to hear the Eyeless Dogs and Forest Keepers wandering this moon. There’s a cabin you can hide in between the Main Entrance and the ship, which you might want to use to hide on your way back. In any case, this one’s better than Dine but not quite as good as Titan.

Lethal Company Best Moons #1: Titan

Titan is the moon that experienced crews will want to explore. You don’t have to run across a bunch of snowy terrain to get into the facility, you just run outside the ship and head up the stairs right there to get to it. That part is easy because the rest of it isn’t.

While all of these premium moons grant higher quality scrap to collect and sell, they all have more enemies — and the most deadly of them. Titan is the worst in this regard, with both the inside and outside the facility swimming in monsters. The stairs to the Main Entrance can be a boon for running from Eyeless Dogs, but they can also get you trapped with one or even eaten by a Forest Keeper. Despite the risks, this is easily the best moon with the best scrap. There’s a reason it costs 750 credits to visit, but Titan is easily the best planet in Lethal Company.

That’s it for the best moons in Lethal Company! Really, it should come as no surprise that the ones that cost your hard-earned credits would be the ones with the best loot. High risk, high reward! Check out some more of our LC guides here on GameSkinny for more sage scavenging advice.

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