Lethal Company: How to Beat and Survive the Spore Lizard

With a squeak here and a wiggle there, here's how to beat and survive the Spore Lizard in Lethal Company.

Spore Lizard opening its mouth and screeching in Lethal Company.
Screenshot by GameSkinny
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With Lethal Company’s diverse bestiary, you’re never really sure whether a creature is dangerous or not. One of these examples is the screeching Spore Lizard which can be a terrifying first encounter. But are they hostile? Here’s how to beat and survive the Spore Lizard in Lethal Company.

How to Beat and Survive the Spore Lizard in Lethal Company

Spore Lizards are one of the rare cases where a monster in Lethal Company doesn’t pose a huge threat. They’ll roam around the building passively until they spot you. The fact is, I found that they’re more scared of you than you are of them, relatively speaking. The first time you see one, it’ll begin give a little squeak, open its mouth, wag its rattling tail, and run away.

Escaping is their first priority, but are they truly harmless? The short answer is yes. I tried cornering one and it has two defensive mechanisms:

  • A quick bite attack with negligible damage.
  • The Spore Lizard emits a purple poison cloud.

The poison cloud heavily hinders your vision but doesn’t do any damage. Together with the small nibble you’ll receive, the Spore Lizards are almost harmless and personally adorable. In fact, they’re even more harmless than Hoarding Bugs, because they don’t follow you around or steal your scrap. They just run and hide.

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Cornering a Spore Lizard
Screenshot by GameSkinny

As for defeating them, for “scientific” purposes I tried hitting one with a shovel while in multiplayer. It took around eight hits without dropping and I had to move on with my crew so I didn’t get to fully test how many hits it takes to kill them. That said, I see no reason why stunning one with a Zap Gun and beating on it with a shovel or sign wouldn’t work.

Overall, they don’t pose much danger to you and your crew. Now you know how to beat and survive the Spore Lizard in Lethal Company. Better to run into these cuties than other more dangerous monsters. You can find more LC guides right here like how to survive all monsters or play with more than four people.

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