The Best Lethal Company Mods That Aren’t Basically Cheats

Some mods feel a bit like cheating, but these are the best Lethal Company mods that don't break the game.

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There are more community mods available now than you can shake a stick at. Luckily, all you’ve got to shake is your mouse pointer. I’ll go over some of the best Lethal Company mods in this article, specifically those that won’t make the game too easy.

The Best Lethal Company Mods That Aren’t Cheating (Mostly)

Being that Lethal Company is a Unity game, modding is a lot easier than some other indie games, and developer Zeekerss isn’t against it either. The company has gone absolutely wild with creating mods with quality-of-life improvements, cosmetic changes, and outright changes to some features.

In this list, I’m going to cover some of the best Lethal Company mods you can find on right now. None of these are mods to increase the amount of crew members, so no MoreCompany or BiggerLobby here. Though, you’ll probably want to install one of them to play with more than four people at once. Most of these mods require BepInEx to function. Let’s get to the list!


You can’t count on the game to accurately tally up the value of your loot since it will only count up to 16 items. That’s not to mention it doesn’t do a great job of counting them in the first place when they’re all stacked on top of one another. ShipLoot displays its own value counter underneath the game’s default scanning, so you have an accurate count of your loot when scanning it on your ship.


This mod one doesn’t quite do what it seems. It doesn’t add more loot to the pool or anything like that. Instead, it makes it so that Lethal Company doesn’t purge the items you have on the ship if you save when you have more than 45 items on it. You’ll want MoreItems if you intend to really dig into the game.

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More Suits

This is the most robust suit mod on Thunderstore for Lethal Company, and it’s customizable. You can add your own (or otherwise downloaded) custom suits to the game and can even set prices for them if you don’t want them to be free. This is the suit mod you’ve probably seen some streamers use. It’s customizable, but it has plenty built-in to play with.

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I can’t stand that you can’t hear the person talking over the Walkie-talkie when you’re not the one holding it. Who wants to listen to half of a conversation? This mod sorts out that issue, making the sounds coming over Walkie-talkies audible to anyone within earshot. AlwaysHearActiveWalkies also allows you to hear chatter over comms even if the Walkie-talkie is on the floor.


Speaking of Walkie-talkies, why not install a mod that lets you talk over comms with the “R” key, regardless of whether you have a Walkie-talkie in your main hand or not? WalkieUse, along with the next mode, can be a lifesaver. No more dropping large scrap to relay what’s going on!

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FlashlightToggle functions much like the last mod. Not a huge surprise since they’re developed by the same person! With FlashlightToggle, you can use the “F” key to turn the flashlight on and off regardless of whether it’s in your main hand or not. This is a generally massive quality-of-life change, and I don’t see any reason not to install this one.

Helmet Cameras

If you’ve played Phasmophobia, this mod’s functionality should be familiar. Currently, this only supports four players, but if your crew is four or fewer people, that’s just fine. This mod allows the person in the ship to see the point of view of other players using the monitor that usually displays what’s outside the ship. This mod is a game changer for the crewmate sticking around on the ship.

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Like all the other mods on this list, this one is almost essential. ShipLobby makes it so players aren’t locked out of the lobby after a game starts, but it doesn’t allow them to join while the ship is landed. That’s for the best, though, since another similar mod can cause desync issues. Normally, players can’t join a crew if it’s already running. This fixes that issue in both adding friends to an ongoing session and allowing players to join from the lobby list.

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Lategame Upgrades

This one sort of skirts the line on cheat mods, but I’ve found it to be a great motivator to keep pushing through Lethal Company‘s profit quotas. Lategame Upgrades adds a number of items and upgrades that are too expensive to get right away and serve as some pretty great rewards for crews who have the skill and take the time to get the money to buy them up. Increased movement speed, better scanning, a Turrent disabler, and more are packed into this progression mod.

That’s it for the nine best Lethal Company mods that aren’t cheats. I highly recommend each and every one of them, as they all add some quality-of-life features that it’s hard to imagine the game without once you have them installed. If you found this guide to be a great asset, check out some of our other LC guides here on GameSkinny.

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