Lethal Company: What’s the Battery Under the Company Base? Explained

Let's explain the mystery of what's the battery under the Company base in Lethal Company.

The secret battery from afar.
Screenshot by GameSkinny
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One of the intriguing secrets of Lethal Company is the mysterious battery/generator below the base on the Company’s moon. There are tons of messages and seemingly interactable slots around it. So what’s the battery under the Company base in Lethal Company?

What’s the Battery Under the Company Base in Lethal Company

Have you ever tried exploring below the base building on the Company moon? The most obvious find down there is a Data Log, but there’s a hidden easter egg the community is trying to figure out: the purpose of a massive battery just underneath where your ship lands.

How to Reach the Battery Underneath the Company Building

The hatch at the Company building.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Head down the ladder, but don’t go too far. Turn left and look at the beams and pipes before the actual turn left down the pathway. You’ll need to jump onto the beam (not the yellow pipe) shown in the below image.

The beams you need to jump on to get to the battery.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Walk forward, then jump to the next beam that points left from where you are, and then jump again to the next beam on the other side of the vertical beam, to keep heading straight. You should be able to vaguely see the battery from where you’re standing,

The battery from afar.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Keep heading straight a bit, and you’ll come across the battery platform to jump onto. Now you can behold Lethal Company‘s secret battery.

Taking a look at the battery under the Company building.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

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Can You Do Anything with the Secret Battery in Lethal Company?

The battery looks like something you should be able to interact with, even maybe put an Apparatus or two in. First off, there are two slots on the left side that have identical ports to the eight-pronged apparatus fusion cell items you can find powering buildings. I tried bringing these two with some friends in co-op but there is no interaction prompt to insert the two apparatus items into the slots.

Lethal Company apparatus.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Secondly, there are yellow arrows pointing to another slot where I think you can insert some sort of object I haven’t found yet. Thirdly, there seem to be some damaged and disconnected cords lying around that we might be able to reconnect at some point.

Overall, I’ve tried various ways to interact with this battery and there doesn’t seem to be a way to do so at this point of the Early Access. I would guess that this is a secret interactable that might either become active in a later update or on full release.

Lethal Company: Company Base Battery Theories

Players on Steam Discussion forums found that the object name of this battery is actually a drill of some kind. There are signs to support this as the nearby drill parts show signs that they’ve been rotated at some point. Various Reddit and Steam theories speculate that activating this battery powers the drill which will make a secret area accessible.

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Tthere are also signs that this might be a bomb of some kind meant to sabotage the Company from the story of LC. The words scribbled on the side seem to indicate that might be the case. Maybe this will be a way to the ending, after the game’s been further updated? Either way, we’ll just have to wait for a future update from Zeekerss to introduce some clues on how to get this device started.

Thank you for reading our speculative article on what’s the battery under the Company base in Lethal Company. For more content on the game like how to survive the Giant Worm or our monster guide, check out our LC guides library.

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