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Does Lethal Company Have an Ending? Answered

Does Lethal Company ever end or is it an eternal scrap-scavenging adventure? Here's what we know.

If you’ve just started your scrap-hauling adventure with friends or are bravely evading monsters alone, you might be wondering if there’s a finish line you’re working toward. In this guide, I’ll answer the question: does Lethal Company have an ending?

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Is There an Ending in Lethal Company? Answered

As we know, the end of a run or playthrough varies from game to game. NG+ is much more common these days, letting you redo fights and uncover secrets. Or you might be playing an MMO where quests are seemingly eternal. Other times, the credits roll while you contemplate how soon to replay the game again. However, in the co-op survival horror genre, there’s usually no actual ending until your character dies. Such is the case for titles like Phasmophobia.

Similarly, Lethal Company doesn’t have a set ending. Developer Zeekerss has stated that the goal is to make the game feel “infinitely replayable” with several creatures, items, customization, and map variations. As long as you meet your profit quota for the Company, your playthrough will continue, and you’ll stay employed. If you don’t, you’ll reach a game over, which is technically an end, causing you and your friends to start over with a fresh run. Considering how difficult the end-game can be, you’ll likely get picked off by a monster at some point or miss your quota, especially if you’re running less than four players.

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It’s important to remember Lethal Company is an Early Access title, though. It may not have an ending implemented right now, but that’s subject to change in this development period. I do enjoy this endless design that the game has going for it, though. As someone who gets the post-game blues whenever I reach the credits, I never mind when games like Lethal Company keep the fun rolling.

How Does Progression Work in Lethal Company?

Lethal Company is a roguelike, so there’s plenty of variation and not all progression is permanent. The main goal is to get a good run and restart with new challenges if you fail. There are some elements that the game does save across runs, though.

  • Your rank in the Company
  • Purchased Cosmetics
  • Bestiary Logs

These three things do give you a theoretical endpoint to work toward. Completing your Beastiary or earning the final Boss rank is definitely something fun to accomplish. That said, the community has been requesting more in the way of meaningful character progression, and some have even theorized possible endings related to the Company you work for. As mentioned, Lethal Company is still in development, so a more concrete, traditional end goal can be introduced in future updates.

That answers the question: Is there an ending in Lethal Company? Finishing your scrap-scavenging journey might not be as typical as other games, but its endless nature is very much in line with the genre. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, such as how to dance and how to survive Eyeless Dogs, head on over to our dedicated Lethal Company guides hub.

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