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How Many Players Can Join Lethal Company Co-op? Answered

Lethal Company is a surprise hit for the co-op horror genre, but how many of your friends can team up?

For fans of co-op horror games, Lethal Company is worth checking out. This Early Access sci-fi title from solo-dev Zeekerss tasks you and your friends to collect scrap on dangerous moons. But before you suit up, you’ll need to know how many players can join. We’ve got the answer here. 

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How Many Players Does Lethal Company Co-op Support?

The Early Access version of Lethal Company supports online co-op with up to four players. Together, you’ll explore planets, add creatures to your Bestiary, and purchase equipment by selling any items you find. You’ll team up to meet your Scrap Quota, all in an effort to avoid being fired by the Company.  

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The game was designed with in-game voice chat in mind, as there’s quite a bit of coordination involved between you and your friends. When you start the game for the first time, you can set it to pick up voice activity or toggle through Push to Talk. While Lethal Company does include text chat, using a mic is much more efficient. Plus, hearing your friends get spooked will never get old. 

How to Invite Friends to Play Lethal Company

Once you host a server, you can set your server to be friends-only or public. While the latter will make your game visible on the server list, the other means you’ll have to send invites once you’ve started. To do so, start your server, pause while you’re on the ship, and select “Invite Friends.” This will bring up your Steam Friends list, where you can see who’s online and have them join your crew. 

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How to Join a Random Group

If you’re a solo player but don’t necessarily want to play Lethal Company alone, you can always join a server that hasn’t reached four players yet. To do so, head to the “Join a Crew” tab from the menu and choose a server from there. I’ve also noticed players creating LFG posts on the game’s Steam forums and the official Discord for the game. 

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Can You Play Lethal Company Solo?

Technically, yes, you can play Lethal Company solo. However, I tried it, and as a beginner, I don’t recommend jumping into the game alone for the first time. Currently, Lethal Company doesn’t offer a dedicated single-player mode, so you’ll be facing all the same challenges that you and your crew would together.

A lone wolf approach is best suited for players who understand selling items and are familiar with navigating the maps and using tools effectively. In my experience, it felt impossible to meet my quota when I was the only one carrying scrap to the ship. Plus, stepping out onto that first abandoned moon was much more eerie without friends to stick close to. Not to mention, it’s just more fun to not know what you’re doing when you’re with others who are equally lost! 

That’s all you need to know about Lethal Company co-op and how many players can join your crew. For more on the game, check out our guides hub for topics like our complete controls guide and tips for carrying metal in lightning storms

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