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Lethal Company: How to Carry Metal in Lightning Storms

You should avoid moons with storms, but here's how to carry items to your ship if you're stuck in a lightning storm.

Moons with lightning storms should be avoided if possible. Full stop. If you can’t, and you’re stuck on one with Day 0 looming, here’s how to carry metal items in lightning storms in Lethal Company.

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How to Haul Metal Through Lightning Storms in Lethal Company

You already have to worry enough about the inhabitants on the moons you’re scouring for scrap, so the added difficulty of weather modifiers isn’t usually welcome. Not only are they unwelcome, but many of them will outright kill you if you get unlucky. This guide is about carrying metal through thunderstorms, but you know what? The game could randomly hit you with lightning while you’re outside anyway.

Let’s ignore that you could be smote down at any moment during a storm, though. You’re here for cold, hard cash so that your Eldritch corporate overlords don’t eject you and your crew out into space because you weren’t the great assets they hoped you would be. No amount of dancing next to a delivery drop and its ice cream bop will abate the pressure of your quota. In fact, it will make the pressure worse since you’re wasting time pretending everything’s okay.

What Happens When You Go Outside with a Metal Item in a Storm?

I assume you wouldn’t be here unless you found this out the hard way, but in short: You get a notification about the electricity and to get away from any metal items. Then they shock you to death in a matter of moments, if you still have them in your hands or even if they’re on the ground and you’re near them.

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How to Avoid Getting Shocked to Death

To reiterate, there’s always a chance the game will decide to strike you with lightning and kill you. This is why you should avoid moons with storms happening.

When taking metal objects outside in a lightning storm, you need to drop them as soon as you get outside and make some distance between you and them. This includes keys and other small items; just toss them as soon as you get out there. They will charge with electricity, they will spark, and they will do a little explosion that’ll kill you if you’re within range. Holding onto them is a death sentence.

The trick is to pick up an object after it does its little electrical murder burst. Once an item has discharged its electricity from the storm, it’s safe to carry. Though there’s no saying it won’t charge again, so be careful as you haul it back to the ship.

If you’re trying to carry several items back to the ship, you’re going to need to do it one at a time in a lightning storm. There’s no other way to do it safely, regardless of the item’s size.

With that, you now know how to carry items during storms in Lethal Company. Regardless, I don’t recommend it. I recommend ignoring moons with storms. Just do that if you can. Check out our growing list of Lethal Company guides here on GameSkinny.

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