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How and Where to Sell Scrap in Lethal Company

It's all about that profit quota! Here's how to sell items in Lethal Company to meet it.

You have a profit quota to fill, and the only way you’re going to do it is to gather and sell scrap. Hauling stuff back to the ship is obvious enough, but what’s next? I’ll go into how to sell scrap in Lethal Company so your only worry is getting the scrap without dying.

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Where and How to Sell Scrap in Lethal Company

There’s no way to sell items on a moon, you have to go back to the company building to sell scrap in Lethal Company. When you bring stuff back to the ship, just drop it on the floor or put it on the shelf until the end of the profit quota cycle.

Scrap has varying values, seemingly decided at random. I think that scrap prices might vary by the difficulty of the moon. I’ve got a full guide to scrap prices, if you want to take a gander.

When and How to Go Back to the Company Building to Sell Stuff

After you’ve got a haul worth selling, you need to head back to the Company building to actually sell stuff. You can go back to the company to sell items by:

  • Accessing the Terminal.
  • Inputting “moons” and hitting Enter.
  • Typing “company” and hitting Enter.

You could also just open the Terminal, type “company,” and hit Enter to confirm your destination. You’ll notice beside the “The Company building” in the Terminal moon listings, it says “Buying at x%.” This indicates the percentage of scrap worth the company is willing to pay that day. Obviously, you want to sell your items when the company will buy them at 100% value.

You never want to go back to the Company building early unless you can help it, to make the most of what you’ve gotten. The goal is to meet that quota, and you won’t at 54% or 77% selling price.

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To actually sell at the Company building, you need to carry items up to the counter and place them using the E key. It can be a little finicky to get lots of stuff up onto the counter, so you may need to make a few separate sales to get everything sold.

As a last note, do not spam the bell at the scrap counter at the company building. Hit it once or twice, wait to hear some weird noises behind the wall, and the items should be collected after a short wait. You can tell that the entity behind the wall is about to collect your scrap with the slot opens at the back of it. Once the slot opens, stop ringing the bell.

When selling stuff in Lethal Company with my crew and spamming the Air Horn, I’ve had the slot open on its own. The entity behind the counter may be triggered by loud sounds rather than just the bell itself, but I haven’t done enough testing on this to give a concrete comment.

Protip: Don’t Sell Everything if You Surpass the Profit Quota

You might be tempted to sell everything you have to get your hands on a pajama suit or the shower. You know. As a treat. But, it might be better to hold onto some of your scrap to carry over into the next profit quota cycle.

Since the quota only goes up, you’ll need to hoard as you bounce between moons and quotas alike. That extra 300 credits in Paintings you’ve got on board could be used toward the next quota, or one in the far future, if things go terribly awry on your expeditions. Keep this in mind before you sell stuff in Lethal Company, because stocking up on scrap can save your run.

How to Check Your Haul Value Before Selling Stuff

You want to make that quota, so be sure to scan the items on your ship before deciding to sell. If you scan while looking at them in a pile, you’ll get an idea as to their overall worth in a tallied sum. Though I’ve noticed that it’s not always entirely accurate. You should still do it before deciding it’s time to sell.

That’s it for how to sell scrap in Lethal Company. There’s a lot of small weird stuff to get the hang of in this game, like this convoluted process of selling stuff. But that’s part of the fun and charm of the thing. Check out more of our Lethal Company guides here on GameSkinny.

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