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Lethal Company: How to Dance

Here's how you can dance your way to profit in Lethal Company.

There’s tons of fun to be had while you’re looking around moons for scrap. Most of that fun murders you, but some of it’s a little more innocuous. I’ll touch on how to dance in Lethal Company in this guide, because some of your giggles should be in busting a move or two.

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How to Dance Emote in Lethal Company

We’ve all seen a streamer or two (dozen) dancing while chatting it up on the ship, waiting for deliveries, and just to lighten the mood while looking for scrap. You can dance when you want to, you can leave your friends behind! And one of you can get murdered by an entity while you’re at it.

There are only two emotes in Lethal Company at the time of writing: dance and point. It’s pretty likely Zeekerss will add more later, but these will do for now. You can use emotes by pressing the number keys, though being that there are only two, there are only two emotes to know:

  • How to dance: 1 key
  • How to point: 2 key

You can dance in Lethal Company even when you’re holding items just as well as when your hands are empty, so don’t be shy about hitting that 1 key to dance whenever you feel like it. It’s somewhat of a tradition to dance when the delivery pod arrives, so be sure to do it for good luck!

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Dancing in Lethal Company has no particular use, but it’s a cute emote that adds to the overall liveliness of the game. There’s something about the sort of communication the proximity voice chat adds that makes the whole experience feel more real than more orthodox multiplayer games, so being able to dance is more than welcome. I’m prone to hitting the 1 key whenever I’m idle.

How to Dance in Lethal Company Using Controller

The game does have comprehensive controller support that covers almost all the bases, but unfortunately one of those bases isn’t using emotes. There’s no emote binding on controller just yet, so you’ll either need to set up custom bindings via Steam or just hit the 1 key like everyone else.

That’s all I have to say about how to dance in Lethal Company. I’ve written a bunch of other guides covering the most basic aspects of the game. Check them out in our LC guides hub here on GameSkinny.

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