Life is strange as the undead- Vampyr pre-alpha gameplay

The creators of Life is Strange have released a gameplay trailer of their upcoming action RPG.

Focus Home Interactive recently released a new gameplay trailer for Vampyr .The new video — showcased at Gamescom — shows more of the player’s interactive options and battle abilities. 

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Vampyr is an action RPG currently in development by Dontnod; creators of the well received Life is Strange. Their newest title focuses on the narrative of Dr Jonathan Reid struggling with his curse as a vampire and attempting to hold on to his human values. The story takes place in London which has become home to a number of life threatening illnesses and growing paranoia.

In the video, we see the protagonist select various dialogue choices and explore the city. Given Jonathan’s career background, we also witness his thoughts and analysis on various deaths via the diseases within the city. The trailer also features some combat as vampire hunters attempt to attack Jon. In combat, he’s able to use sword, firearms, supernatural strength, and dark magic.

RPG and horror adventure fans can look forward to Vampyr releasing in 2017.

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