Life Is Strange passes 1 million sales; ep. 4 release date and new trailer

The story of Max Caulfield has reached a lot of people but where is she going in episode 4?

Square Enix has announced that episodic adventure game, Life Is Strange has already passed the 1 million sales mark. The sales figures were released alongside a release date and trailer for episode 4,

Episode 4: Darkroom comes to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, on July 28th. Check out the trailer below.

"In Episode 4, Max pushes the investigation surrounding the disappearance of Rachel Amber and the strange happenings in Arcadia Bay into unexplored and daunting territory," reads the episode synopsis. "As the End of the World party approaches, Max must use her powers to put all the pieces of the puzzle in place."

Life Is Strange has been a huge success thus far, both commercially and critically. The game has been continuously praised for it's characters, story and aesthetics. We've even argues that it may have the most realistic characters in all of gaming. Max's story just won awards for New Games IP on PC/Console and Use of Narrative at this year's Develop Awards.

Developer Dontnod Entertainment recently hosted a Q&A at E3 and discussed the reaction to the game, as well as character development and the challenges of E3.

You can continue the journey of Max Caulfield on July 28th and, if previous episodes are anything to go by, it will be a great one. For more on Life Is Strange, stay tuned to GameSkinny.


Published Jul. 24th 2015
  • Autumn Fish
    Featured Correspondent
    I am so ridiculously excited for episode 4. The ending of episode 3 really shook me. I love the cast of characters! I love the story they have devised (and hate it </3)! And I love it as a shining example for what more games should stride to be like. Life in Arcadia Bay feels real. Realer than nearly any other video game experience I've ever had. Semi-Finals here we come~!

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