Magic: Legends' equipment system comes in rarity tiers, but each piece offers something worthwhile.

Magic: Legends’ Equipment System Prioritizes Function Over Rarity

Magic: Legends' equipment system comes in rarity tiers, but each piece offers something worthwhile.
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Cryptic Studios and Perfect Entertainment outlined Magic: Legends equipment system in a new blog post and discussed how it differs from the typical loot drop system. 

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Just like Magic: The Gathering, Magic: Legends‘ equipment comes in four tiers: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Mythic Rare. These are split across Head, Arms, Feet, and Body gear slots, plus two extra slots for accessories.

In addition to the usual stat boosts one expects from equipment, Magic: Legends‘ equipment offers mana-specific enhancements. Some gear reduces damage from specific mana colors, for example, while others regenerate health, steal life force, or boost potency.

Every piece of gear has a permanent Core Mod and at least one interchangeable Adaptive Mod, and collecting a piece of gear automatically opens customization options for that specific piece at the Tailor.

There’s a Tailor in each hub area, where players can edit and customize any available pieces of equipment and create a new look without altering the gear’s stats and enhancement bonuses.

There will inevitably be duplicate pieces of gear, but instead of selling them, Magic: Legends lets players trade them for Adaptive Mods or use them to increase the gear’s overall level.

Magic: Legends enters PC open beta March 23, and Cryptic plans a full release for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 later in 2021.

[Source: Perfect Entertainment]

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