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Maria Flores Debut Shakes up Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

Resolution to the mystery surrounding Maria Flores has long been anticipated in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Since its 2023 release, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has remained centered on Maria Flores’ disappearance. The game’s opening scroll even narrates the events, explaining why Maria’s sister, Ana Flores, and her friends stumbled into the clutches of the Slaughter family. However, that all changes with the latest Victim reveal. Maria Flores will be dropping alongside the new Killer, Hands, on June 11, 2024.

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The announcement comes with a new trailer depicting Virginia arriving at the Family House to search for her son, Jesse, after discovering his car on the property. Instead of finding him, she discovers Maria. While Virginia has an unfortunate (and gruesome) encounter with Hands, Maria has some one-on-one time with Grandpa, showcasing her ability.

TCM Gives Maria Flores a Unique Ability

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has already laid out Maria’s ability and backstory. Johnny abducted Maria in the Texas countryside. While her friends and family assumed the worst, Maria managed to survive the Slaughter family largely due to Grandpa’s unexpected fondness for her. This is represented by her ability, Sweet Talk, which causes Grandpa’s Sonar ability to highlight the Family instead of the Victims.

As with all Victim abilities, Sweet Talk can be upgraded and modified for various effects, including highlighting Family in close proximity to Grandpa, reducing Granpa’s level by one, and reducing cooldown times. Maria will also drop with new Perks, such as Pep Talk, which symbolizes Maria’s grit by allowing her to regain health after sweet-talking Grandpa — a high risk tactic.

Maria Flores’ Arrival Sparks Debate Among Fans

Maria Flores peeking behind a door in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game.
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While a large portion of the TCM community is excited by the news, others debate Ana’s reigning final girl status, considering Maria managed to survive in Leatherface’s basement this entire time. As such, questions remain about how Maria’s introduction will change the larger lore and smaller details, like Ana’s iconic “This is for Maria!” voice line. With Maria being found alive, some players worry this means the end of new content. However, Gun Interactive has given no indication that this is the case. In fact, Virginia discovering her son’s car on the Family House property suggests Jesse’s disappearance could become the new focal plot point in future updates.

For now, stay tuned to our The Texas Chain Saw Massacre guide hub for more content, or head over to Maria Flores’ Instagram for more insight into her story.

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