Hands from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game.
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Who Is Hands? Texas Chainsaw Massacre New Killer, Explained

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is bringing in a new member of the family, but who is Hands?

Gun Interactive’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre took every great aspect of Friday the 13th: The Game and turned the dial to 11. But rather than rely solely on the characters from the movies, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has chosen to develop and expand the franchise lore by introducing new characters like the mysterious new addition, Hands.

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Who Is Hands in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

In the world of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, you won’t be surprised that the only consistent member of the cannibal family in question has been Leatherface. This is because, depending on the movie, Leatherface’s family could be the Hewitts, Sawyers, or the Slaughters. In the game, the only family members from the movies that you can play are the Cook and the Hitchhiker. However, Hands comes from a previously unexplored corner of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

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House of 1000 Corpses actor Robert Mukes embodies the 7ft tall, 350 lbs killer who is a distant cousin of the Slaughters. Though he was well-known as a drag racer in Texas, he preferred his violent nature, once killing a man and ripping his face off with his hands to wear. That same face was gifted to a young Leatherface, starting the slasher’s twisted obsession.

Between Johnny, Sissy, and Nancy, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre‘s family has already expanded the lore. However, Hands represents something new in the game that you might find a delight or a nightmare to experience: brute force. With just a glance at the character alone, Hands is clearly the powerhouse of the Slaughter family (sorry, Johnny). While he may not be as fast, it’ll be tough to escape his grasp.

What are Hands’ Abilities?

Hands is a tank through and through; with his defense and his trusty hammer at his side, anyone who faces him will sooner get hit with a barge attack before they can land a blow. However, he’s also skilled at ensuring no one can escape the Slaughter house. This is due to his electro traps, which can bobby trap crawlspace, barricades, and other metal objects around the map. As far as his ability, Ripstall allows him to start generators much faster than others and rip out valves and fuses — a promising and long-awaited counter to Danny.

Is Hands Inspired by a TCM Movie Character?

Over the many entries in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre franchise, the only powerhouse member of the family has been Leatherface, with Johnny a close second. Because of this, seeing another massive character raises the question of where the inspiration came from. Being a product of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘s Kin Henkel’s bible, however, shows that while he may be new to the family, he’s far from new in terms of lore.

As a result, Hands offers a unique look at the franchise, as everything about him is classic, even if we’ve never seen him in action. Furthermore, it shows how Gun Interactive is completely devoted to maintaining the foundations of the TCM franchise to offer an authentic take on the universe that’s as lore-focused as it is terrifying.

For now, the attributes and skills that come with Hands are only a small part of a truly terrifying member of the family. His history may be integral to Leatherface’s origin, but that doesn’t mean Hands has to step aside for him. He has his own story to tell, and it’s clear that his arrival on June 11 will only make things more difficult for the Victims.

Stay tuned for more information on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and further details on Hands. Also, make sure to follow further coverage of the game on GameSkinny’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre guide hub. 

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