Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Tier List — All Victims Ranked

Here's our tier list of all victims ranked in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, including their best abilities and perks.

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It’s not easy to be the victim of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Victims not only need to survive the assault of the family members but also find the quickest way out of the area. Fortunately, each of the five victims has a unique ability and a whole set of perks that can help you and the rest of the victims. Our guide will provide you with a tier list of all victims ranked in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, including all their abilities and the most useful perks for each of the victims.

All Victims Ranked Tier List in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

S-Tier Victims

Connie Taylor

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Connie is the most skilled victim of all! Her Focus ability lets you almost instantly unlock any exit doors, which leads to fast wins. Her best perk is Agitator, which not only incapacitates Grandpa but also removes almost all of his max levels. This alone will do excruciating damage to the entire family! The other perk I highly recommend for Connie is Bomb Squad. The Hitchhiker is more of a danger to Connie than the other killers, and Bomb Squad mitigates the threat by allowing her to quickly dismantle traps. He tends to place traps not only on exit doors but also on generators and batteries that can play an essential role in your escape plan.

Julie Crawford

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Many players consider Julie to be superior to Connie due to her Ultimate Escape ability, which makes her invisible to Cook and Johnny. She also consumes a lot less stamina while running than any other victim. Give her the No Sell perk, and she’ll be able to survive any damage dealt by the killers, even such strong ones as Leatherface. Additionally, you could use Radar Detector that allows her to see all the killers as soon as Grandpa uses his Sonar ability. Both perks are extremely useful, as it’s always good to have an extra defense and know where the family is when you’re trying to get to the escape zone.

A-Tier Victims

Sonny Williams

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Sonny is the real underdog among the victims, but he’s got the really strong Heightened Senses ability, which allows him to detect the locations of nearby killers. His only drawback is overall frailty, so you’d have to use lots of strength-based perks to even him out. That’s why I’d put all my effort into leveling up both the Been Working Out and Tougher Stuff perks that increase Sonny’s strength and toughness by 7 points. Another one that’s really good for him is Ran Track, which does the same but for his endurance stat. All together, these perks will round out Sonny pretty nicely, so he can actually hold up to some damage.

Leland McKinney

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If you want to be good at playing Leland, then you need to be really aggressive and attack family members whenever you get the chance. This kind of strategy is dictated by his Life Saver ability, which stuns almost all killers except Leatherface. The best perk for Leland would be Parting Gift, as it immediately highlights the positions of all killers on the map right after another victim escapes the area. You can use this information to either escape yourself or sneak up on a family member and stun them. That’s why it’s also important to keep his endurance high using the Conditioned perk, which quickly regenerates him.

B-Tier Victims

Ana Flores

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Although Ana’s ability Pain is Nothing is quite useful, reducing damage from attacks and falls, it still remains the weakest victim ability of all. She lacks skills that allow victims to escape, so if you do have to choose to play as Ana, be sure to level up her Lucky Lockpicker and Highly Skilled perks. If you go this route with her progression, then also pick up the Tool Tracks perk, which highlights all the useful tools in the nearby area. At least you’ll have a better chance of opening the locked doors. You shouldn’t worry about her toughness or endurance, as she’s got enough of those by default, so focus on developing her skillset instead.

That’s it for our tier list of all victims ranked in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Stay tuned for more Texas Chainsaw Massacre tips and tricks articles right here.

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