Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Tier List — All Killers Ranked

Catch victims more efficiently using our tier list guide of all killers ranked in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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The family of killers is fully represented for the first time in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game. All five family members are playable with their own unique abilities and perks, trying to catch and obliterate all the victims in the most brutal ways possible. Note that some killers are especially good on their own, while others only become a serious threat when working with their murderous kin. Our guide will provide you with a tier list of all the killers ranked in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, including all their best abilities and the most useful perks for each of the family members.

All Killers Ranked Tier List in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

S-Tier Killers


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Leatherface is an iconic TCM character who wields a massive chainsaw that needs to be charged before going berserk on the victims via the Maim ability. He’s definitely the most dangerous killer of all family members. Once he catches a victim out in the open, they’re pretty much dead. His best two perks are 2 Cycle Charge, which regenerates your stamina 10% faster every time you rev your chainsaw, and Rough Cut, which deals extra damage whenever you hit a victim with the chainsaw. The latter one allows you to insta-kill victims with low toughness, such as Sonny or Julie. Basically, any victim who wants to survive Leatherface must have lots of HP to withstand those powerful chainsaw attacks.


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In the right hands, Hitchhiker can be even more dangerous to victims than Leatherface due to his Trap ability, which allows him to set up traps along escape routes and at escape points. This can effectively prevent victims from leaving the area and becoming easy prey for other family members. His best perks are Venom, which applies poison whenever a victim triggers one of his traps, and Wire Frame, which allows him to move through gaps and crawl spaces much faster than the victims. Take all this into consideration, and you’ll see just how difficult it is to escape from Hitchhiker.

A-Tier Killers


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On his own, Cook can be quite underwhelming as a killer because of his low speed of movement. But once used in tandem with other killers, he’s almost indispensable. His Seek ability uncovers the locations of victims in the nearby area. Some of the maps, such as the Gas Station, would be impossible to scout for family members without the Cook. Once you apply his Security Pins perk, the victims have no chance. This unique perk adds another layer of locks to the doors or re-locks the already lockpicked doors, making them extremely hard to open for the victims. I’d also suggest using his Prey Drive perk, which restores Cook’s stamina much faster once he spots a victim.


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Sissy is highly skilled in collecting plants and crafting poisonous substances, as well as following victims anywhere they go and traversing most types of obstacles. Her attacks aren’t as powerful as those of other family members, but she’s definitely very fast. One perk that I found to be especially useful for Sissy is Spore Loser, which drops a poisonous cloud after losing a close encounter, even if you’re out of poison powder. The other two perks that I’d strongly recommend are Linger and Rubber Legs. The first one prolongs the effects of her toxic clouds, and the other one applies a slowdown effect on the victims.

B-Tier Killers


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Johnny combines the speed and agility of Sissy with the victim tracking skills of Cook using his Hunt ability. But somehow, he still never manages to achieve the excellence of any of those family members. While he can see the footprints of the victims, it always feels like he’s one step behind, never being able to catch up to the survivors. If you want to use Johnny despite these shortcomings, I suggest using the following two perks: Serrated and Punishment. The first one increases his damage, and the second one does the same but only if you actually find the victim in the hiding spot.

That’s it for our tier list of all killers ranked in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Stay tuned for more Texas Chainsaw Massacre tips and tricks articles right here.

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