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Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Tier List — All Killers Ranked

Catch Victims more efficiently using our tier list guide of all Killers in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game brings the Slaughter family to life. All five family members have their own unique abilities and perks to help them catch and obliterate Victims in the most brutal ways possible. While some Killers are especially good on their own, others only become a serious threat when working with their murderous kin. This guide provides you with a tier list ranking of all Killers in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, including their character abilities and the most useful unique perks.

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Tier List Ranking of Texas Chainsaw Massacre Killers

S-Tier Killers


Leatherface is an iconic TCM character who wields a massive chainsaw. Reeving the chainsaw to achieve an overhead swing is the best way to deal big damage. Not only does the Maim ability injure Victims, but it also allows Leatherface to destroy doors and obstacles (something no other character can do). He’s definitely the most dangerous Killer. Once he catches a Victim out in the open, they’re pretty much dead. Two of his best unique perks include:

  • Rough Cut: Deals 1 HP of extra damage per second for 7 seconds at Level 3.
  • Master Key: You can instantly burst through latched doors, making chases easier and increasing the chances of catching Victims off guard.

With damage-heavy perks and high Savagery, Leatherface can insta-kill victims with low toughness, such as Sonny or Julie. Basically, any victim who wants to survive Leatherface must have lots of HP to withstand those powerful chainsaw attacks.


In the right hands, Hitchhiker can be even more dangerous than Leatherface due to his Trap ability, which allows him to set three traps along escape routes and at objectives. This can effectively prevent Victims from leaving the area, making them easy prey for other family members. His two unique perks work to speed up the chase or wear victims down.

  • Venom: Deals an additional 1 HP of damage per second for 30 seconds at Level 3.
  • Wire Frame: Increases movement speed through gaps and crawl spaces.

Playstyle will dictate which unique perk you equip. Both are solid choices that prove how difficult it is to escape from Hitchhiker.

A-Tier Killers


On his own, Cook can be quite underwhelming as a Killer because of his low movement speed. However, his locks slow down gameplay and make him indispensable on almost every map, especially Family House. Thankfully, his unique perks make up for what he lacks in speed.

  • Security Pins: Makes added locks significantly harder to open.
  • Prey Drive: Spotting a Victim increases stamina recharge (This is best paired with the Increased Focus Speed ability).

His Seek ability uncovers the locations of Victims in the nearby area. Some of the maps, especially larger ones like Gas Station, are much more difficult to scout without Cook.

B-Tier Killers


Sissy’s Bane ability ensures she’s highly skilled in crafting poison. She can also follow Victims anywhere they go and traverse most types of obstacles. Her attacks aren’t as powerful as other family members, but she’s got one of the best Blood Harvesting attributes. Sissy’s got four unique perks, but two of them rise above the rest.

  • Spore Loser: Drops a poisonous cloud after losing a close encounter, even if you’re out of poison powder.
  • Linger: Increases the duration and size of your toxic cloud.

While Linger is useful for safeguarding escape objectives or exits, Rubber Legs is another solid option for those who want the advantage in a chase.


Johnny combines the speed of Hitchhiker with the Victim tracking skills of Cook, thanks to his Hunt ability. But somehow, he still never manages to achieve the excellence of any of those family members. While he can see Victim footprints, it always feels like he’s one step behind. Sure, a high Savagery Johnny is intimidating and downright deadly in open areas, but his lack of defensive assets make him less valuable to a team. Johnny only has one unique perk:

  • Patience: Reduces ability consumption rate by standing still.

However, you’re better off ignoring it and playing into his brute strength with other perks if you want to overcome Johnny’s shortcomings. Some suggestions include:

  • Serrated: Deals on HP per second of extra damage for 5 seconds at Level 3.
  • Big Swings: Attack damage is increased at the cost of stamina consumption.

C-Tier Killers


Nancy has a little bit of everything going for her. Barbed wire traps are good for catching or slowing down victims while her Spy ability gives her a tracking edge. Equip the right perks, and you can even have a poison build that rivals Sissy’s. However, she lacks Savagery and Endurance, and the fact she can’t slip through wall gaps only works against her further. The best option is to slow victims down and inflict added damage with these unique perks:

  • Poisoned Claws: Attacks have a slight poison effect
  • Hurt ‘Em: Barbed wire traps do 50% more damage at Level 3.

That’s it for our tier list of all killers ranked in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Stay tuned for more Texas Chain Saw Massacre guides right here.

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