Meet Your New Enemies in Sakura Wars Demon Conflict Trailer

The latest Sakura Wars trailer highlights two of your biggest foes as they seek to plunge Tokyo into chaos.

The latest Sakura Wars trailer highlights two of your biggest foes as they seek to plunge Tokyo into chaos.

Sakura Wars is out on April 28, and Sega just released a brand new trailer highlighting the theatrical mech-fighter reboot’s action and some of its major antagonists. The Sakura Wars demon conflict trailer introduces Oboro and the mysteriously familiar Yaksha as the Flower Division’s primary enemies — or are they?

There’s also an overview of these characters courtesy of Gematsu.

The Flower Division of the Imperial Combat Review exists to defend Tokyo from demons (the stage performances they put on are simply a way to raise money for the defense force). In Sakura Wars, demons are entities born from humanity’s dark emotions. So, it’s no surprise that Oboro’s chief characteristic is finding pleasure in other people’s trauma and torment.

The other demon the trailer highlights is Yaksha. She’s a masked foe who vaguely resembles a former Combat Review star, but her motives are unclear. The Flower Division believes their goal is resurrecting the Archdemon, but it’s unclear whether Oboro and Yaksha are actually responsible for the chaos Tokyo gets plunged into.

Whoever is behind it, the Flower Division, led by newcomer Seijuro Kamiyama, must rise to the occasion and fend off threats using the Combat Revue’s mechanized warriors. Sakura Wars keeps the series’ signature LIPS dialogue system, but replaces turn-based strategy with fast-paced action RPG mechanics which you can see a bit more of in an earlier trailer.

The original press release is over on Gematsu. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Sakura Wars news as the curtain rises on it.

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