Mewtwo Transforms!? Check Out This Video!

New form? Evolution? Just.. just tell me already. I can't wait anymore!

I got all excited at the prospect of Mewtwo getting an evolution, but I guess a new form is fine too. The official Pokemon YouTube account uploaded a video, presumably from the upcoming movie Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo’s Awakening, that shows Mewtwo transforming into the new recently revealed Pokemon.

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Looking at the video and the way Mewtwo transforms, one can only assume that this is a new form instead of evolution. Crossing his arms to his chest and closing his eyes looks more like something he would to do transform, as opposed to evolution sequences we’ve seen in Pokemon over the years.

I’m a tad bit disappointed, but we still don’t know! Pokemon has been known to throw a few curve balls, so we’ll just have to wait for another reveal or some solid information from the Pokemon Company.

Would you rather this be an evolution or a form?

While the concept of Mewtwo finally getting an evolution is kind of nice, if he were to evolve there would be no way for him to return to his pre-evolution form. The term “evolution” is more exciting, but keeping this new Pokemon to a form ensures that Mewtwo won’t be going anywhere.

Personally, I prefer the older Mewtwo design to the design of the new form/evolution, though they both look pretty cool. Still, there’s something special about his original look that I wouldn’t want to see go. I’m so torn.

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