MHOnline 2.0 Expansion teases new exclusive elder dragon and previous generation monsters

Monster Hunter Online 2.0 Expansion teaser reveals new elder dragon "Merphistophelin" and other critters of past generations, including a tease for a certain black and golden primate!

The Monster Hunter series has a new expansion for their free to play PC MMO, Monster Hunter Online 2.0! Along with a new hunting area and challenges, several new monsters are soon to arrive, including a new MHO-exclusive elder dragon by the name “Merphistophelin”. Other monsters coming to MHO 2.0 include previous-generation favorites, such as gravios, lavasioth, fire-based blangonga, and the Super Saiyan-like fan-favorite: rajang!

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Merphistophelin and Rajang, coming to Monster Hunter Online 2.0!

Also, a message to the English-speaking hunters out there: don’t let the Asian language hinder you! As of May 2016, western users can also get in on the PC hunting action via downloading an official English patch to the game created by Team HD, a group comprised of dedicated hunting fans set out to translate the game beyond the simple Google Translate format of Chinese to English.

Interested? There are several tutorials for downloading MHO, including a detailed tutorial found on r/MHOnline for signing up and installing the game.

Also for easy instructions on installing TeamHD’s English patch, here’s a quick video tutorial:

Monster Hunter Online is a free-to-play Chinese MMO developed as a project between Capcom and Tencent. MHO has had several updates and expansions, all without a region lock, enabling hunters around the world to partake in the Windows PC exclusive.

Note: the game is affiliated with neither the main series of Monster Hunter nor the main series development team. Instead, Monster Hunter Online has its own perspective and gameplay feel along with the beautiful use of Crytek’s CryEngine 3.

[Images retrieved from the Monster Hunter Wikia]

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