Microsoft Bypasses UK Ad Ban with Fake “Destiny” Cologne

Activision sells exclusive advertising rights of "Destiny" to Sony. Microsoft's response? A clever advertising campaign for new "Destiny" cologne.
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Friday, Microsoft announced it’s new brand of cologne called “Destiny,” and if you noticed something strange about Microsoft suddenly making cologne or the fact that said cologne is named after one of the most anticipated Xbox One and PS4 games releasing this year, you’ve also just noticed how Microsoft is attempting to get around Sony’s exclusive rights to advertise the upcoming title.

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Sony acquired the rights to advertise Destiny in the United Kingdom from Activision, and in so doing put a proverbial nail in the coffin of Microsoft, who will now be trying to outsell the already successful PS4 without being able to advertise the biggest game of the year. How big of a hit is this to Microsoft? Well, how big is not being able to tell anyone your console is getting the most pre-ordered game in history?

Pretty big.

If you were to compare the advantage that advertising Destiny gives Sony over Microsoft to this image…well, Sony’s the big planet and Microsoft’s the tiny ball above the ‘i’.

In order to get around Sony’s exclusive rights, though, Microsoft is attempting to advertise the game as a new “cologne” via the website linked earlier in this article. It doesn’t seem like Microsoft really intended to carry the joke too far, though, as clicking on the ad takes viewers to a page with the following message from Microsoft:

Destiny is actually an epic new first-person shooter, available on Xbox.

Thing is, we didn’t have permission to run adverts for the game. So we didn’t.

Thanks for smelling that something was up.

Assuming this stealthy advertising campaign doesn’t get Microsoft in trouble, it is at once a jab at Sony and Activision as well as a great way to advertise a product they otherwise couldn’t.

Not unlike the stealthy Hunter class in “Destiny” Microsoft has slipped their advertisement for the game through Sony’s defenses, but will Microsoft end up getting aggro from this seemingly illegal move?

Well played, Mr. Nadella. Well played.

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