MiHoYo Says Genshin Impact Will Get Updates Every 6 Weeks

Version updates won't just focus on bugs, either. MiHoYo's roadmap has a lot more in store.

Version updates won't just focus on bugs, either. MiHoYo's roadmap has a lot more in store.

Genshin Impact, the new free-to-play action roleplaying game from MiHoYo, is set to get regular updates every six weeks starting in November, according to the developer. 

MiHoYo said in a recent blog post that the development team is hard at work on every version of the game: PC, PS4, and mobile. Post-release updates and patches are commonplace and expected for just about every game these days, but MiHoYo’s future rollouts for Genshin Impact won’t just focus on squashing bugs and making back-end technical tweaks. 

The updates will also bring new in-game events — and even new regions. At least according to the current roadmap.  

Dear Travelers,

We are always experimenting with different optimization methods to bring you better content, and even now, the development of multiple versions is proceeding simultaneously to ensure that content will continue to roll out in a stable manner.

In future versions, we will combine the unique cultural and calendarial features of in-game regions with dates in the real world to host unique events in Mondstadt and Liyue. (e.g. Ludi Harpastum and the Windbloom Festival in Mondstadt, or Lantern Rite and the Moonchase Festival in Liyue).

The first update (Version 1.1) is scheduled to release on November 11 and will feature the Unreconciled Stars event. Future updates include:

Version 1.2, which is scheduled to arrive on December 23 and “unveil the Dragonspine area and its related event.” Version 1.3 will arrive in February 2021 with the Lantern Rite event. 

Genshin Impact has been wildly popular since its release in late September, with “17 million downloads on mobile alone,” according to news reported on by GameRant. The game had more than 4 million pre-registered players ahead of launch. 

We’ve had quite a good time playing Genshin Impact over the past several weeks. While it does share some aesthetic similarities to Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild, it “does quite a bit to differentiate itself from BotW and carve out its own identity.” 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more on Genshin Impact. If you’re playing the game and running into trouble, consider taking a look at our growing guides page for the game

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