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Minecraft Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC Teaser Trailer Revealed at Minecraft Live 2023

Announced at Minecraft Live 2023, the Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC is your chance to wield a lightsaber and become a Jedi knight.

Minecraft Live 2023 has announced an exciting crossover for the franchise, teaming up with Star Wars to bring players an exciting space adventure. With the help of R2-D2, we got to watch the official teaser trailer for Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC. Not only will your favorite Star Wars characters join the adventure, but you’ll also get to go from a padawan to a Jedi knight. Grab your lightsaber on November 7, 2023, when the DLC arrives on Minecraft Marketplace. 

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Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC Will Bring Lightsaber Combat and Force Powers to Minecraft

Minecraft‘s DLC announcement came from the iconic R2-D2. The well-loved robot teased that we’ll get to play as a padawan, battle monsters, duel with other Jedi, and use the Force! Plus, Yoda will join us on our journey to become a Jedi knight. It’s so exciting that R2-D2 almost spoiled the ending during Minecraft Live 2023! Thankfully, his beeps and boops are a bit tough to translate.

Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC Teaser Trailer

Though it’s a brief video, the Star Wars: Path of the Jedi teaser trailer is packed with content. We get a glimpse of the iconic Jedi temple in Coruscant, gunships, General Grievous, and the initiation of your padawan character. Be sure to take a look at the trailer linked above!

Minecraft’s new Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC is just one of many exciting reveals. From Minecraft Legends updates to the Minecraft 1.21 update, a ton of new content is on the horizon for this well-loved franchise. Not only that, but it’s approaching a milestone anniversary! Next year, the community and team will celebrate 15 years of Minecraft. Even after all this time, the franchise continues to grow, offering its dedicated players new opportunities for creativity and adventure! Stay tuned for more Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC news here at GameSkinny. Check out our dedicated Minecraft guides hub for more. 

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