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Minecraft Update 1.21 Will Bring Automated Crafting, Trial Chambers, and More

Minecraft Live 2023 revealed that update 1.21 is coming in 2024. Here's what to expect.

It’s already been a year since the 1.20 update introduced archaeology, the precious cherry blossoms, and more. Since then, the Minecraft community has eagerly awaited news about the 1.21 update for vanilla Minecraft. Well, at the latest 2023 Live event, Agnes Larsson and Jens Bergensten confirmed that update 1.21 will arrive next year, sometime in mid-2024. This time around, the team is focusing on combat adventures and tinkering. Here’s our breakdown of the new features revealed for Minecraft 1.21.

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Minecraft 1.21 Announced at Minecraft Live 2023

The upcoming 1.21 update is focused on improving crafting as well as introducing new challenges and dynamic features. The team announced automated crafting, Trial Chambers, Trial Spawners, and more.

Minecraft 1.21 Crafting and Combat

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Here’s a detailed look at the new content announced during Minecraft Live 2023:

  • The Crafter: A new automated crafting feature that uses Redstone. Designed for beginners and experts, this feature offers an intuitive UI, introducing toggleable slots on the crafting grid.
  • Trial Chambers: Procedurally generated underground structures built with new Copper Block sets, Tuff Block sets, and Copper Bulbs. Here, you’ll find unique challenges, supply chests, and a new hostile mob.
  • Copper Bulb: Made from Copper, these light-emitting bulbs can oxidize, be waxed, and be scraped with an axe. They’re found in Trial Chambers, meaning you won’t need to bring torches with you. However, the more these bulbs oxidize, the dimmer they become. So be sure to use your axe to renew their brightness!
  • Trial Spawner: This feature is different from standard mob spawners. Instead, it won’t spawn additional mobs for an extended period after it spawned a specified target count of mobs. You’ll be rewarded for ejecting its loot.
  • The Breeze: Found in Trial Chambers, the Breeze is a hostile mob that shoots projectiles of wind energy and explosive fireballs with knock-back effects. These effects also feature a new particle that’s different from a typical explosion.

That covers the content coming to Minecraft with update 1.21! Get ready to tinker to your heart’s delight and dive into the all-new Trial Chambers soon. In the coming weeks, the content shown will arrive on Preview and Beta, with a full launch set for 2024. But be wary of the Breeze mobs! They may be cute, but they’re also very grumpy. In the meantime, check out our Minecraft guides hub for plenty of tips and tricks.

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