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Minecraft Website Adds Poisonous Potatoes for April Fools

It's fun!

If you couldn’t wait for April Fools in 2024 just to see what the gaming industry will produce as a prank on the gaming population, we’ve got our first contender: Minecraft. The game has added a mini-game on their website, which involves poisonous potatoes. Let’s see what this is all about.

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Poisonous Potatoes Mini-Game Surfaces on Minecraft.net

When you open Minecraft.net, you will see a health bar at the top of the page. As you scroll down, you will see a lot of poisonous potatoes with varying sizes on the page (mostly on the sides). When you click them, your health bar will turn green, and you will lose some of your hearts progressively.

When your hearts bar empties itself, you will be met with a death screen and your score. Is there any point in this game at all?

Minecraft Poisonous Potatoes
Screenshot by GameSkinny

How to Play Poisonous Potatoes on Minecraft’s Website

I’ve tinkered about with this mini-game and figured out that my score got bigger if I managed to waste away my hearts faster. My record was 9050, and I couldn’t go further than that. When you lose, you will see a message: “You awoke the Toxifin,” which is indeed cryptic.

Minecraft Poisonous Potatoes
Screenshot by GameSkinny

What is Toxifin in Minecraft?

Toxifin is, based on what I can see, a toxic pufferfish (name obviously made as a merge of the words “Toxic” and “Fin”). It’s currently not in Minecraft. I reckon that one out of the three following scenarios is plausible:

  • Toxifin was made just as a prank, and it is not in the game, and it will never be.
  • Toxifin will temporarily exist in Minecraft for April Fools’ Day (we still haven’t established that it’s real).
  • Toxifin might be added to the game at a later date, perhaps through a mob vote.

Poisonous Potatoes Minecraft Update Patch Notes – April 1st 2024

Minecraft developers have also released patch notes on their official website, where you can inspect the content of the patch in detail and download the server .jar file if you want to host this game mode.


  • Poisonous potatoes – LOTS of poisonous potatoes! 
  • A few normal potatoes too! 
  • Added the Poisonous Potato Dimension
    • The homeland of all potato kind
    • Five spud-tastic biomes: fields, hash, arboretum, corruption, and wasteland 
    • Experience the life of a potato – from its inception as a raw potato picked from the fields, through cooked hash browns, to its eventual decay
    • Local weather with a-mashing effects 
  • Added the Colosseum, home to the lord of potato kind… 


  • A whole sack of a-peeling new blocks 
  • Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Niacin! 
  • No new mineral blocks. No need! The blocks themselves contain minerals: Potassium, Magnesium, and Iron! 


  • Added the frying table – everyone asked for it, so we added it. It fries potato things. It’s a really nice model! 
  • Added functionality to the fletching table. You can now fletch toxic resin into more refined versions of the resin. 
  • Added impurities because purity is overrated 
  • Added a whole bunch of new gadgets that will tune your poisonous potato game up to eleven! 


  • You get it by now. They’re all poisonous potatoes… 


  • The flux capacitor integration now synergizes with quantum voxelization, which enables a 360-no scope enhancing real-time RTX terrain-rendering nightshade multi-box spectrum acceleration while optimizing transdimensional entity synchronization for seamless vitelotte-king Edwards-russel Burbank experiences! 

That’s all about the April Fools in Minecraft. Check out our game hub for more Minecraft reads, such as every game mode in Minecraft explained, and top 20 Minecraft seeds for 1.20.5.

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