MLG Opening Dedicated ESports Arena In Ohio

The growing eSports in America will add another arena in October.

The growing eSports in America will add another arena in October.

ESports are growing in the United States.

The growth is obvious between college scholarships, 2.4 billion hours watched online, a video game museum and now another arena built specifically for eSports.

Major League Gaming has announced an arena built for eSports in Columbus, Ohio. The facility is a 14,000 square foot building only a short distance away from Ohio State University. The location wasn’t chosen at random, either. Columbus has already hosted several successful eSports events and the proximity to the university is expected to draw in plenty of new competitors and spectators.

From SB nation article

The new arena is expected to have a similar composition to previous set ups by the MLG.

The arena’s complete role hasn’t been officially announced yet. The arena could be used to expand and add events for the MLG yearly or provide a stable location for several established playoff events and may serve as an HQ for MLG.

MLG’s arena in Columbus is expected to open for the weekend of October 24. The Call of Duty: Ghosts playoffs will be their first event with $75,000 in prizes and $30,000 going to first place.

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